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  1. sssmokin
    sssmokin TEA Time
    Tracking said it was delivered to your front porch TEATime.
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  2. sssmokin
    sssmokin PaPaD
    Let TeaTime know he has a package coming.
  3. sssmokin
    sssmokin TEA Time
    No need to send email address. I found a way around it. You should receive the order around March 22nd. When I get a tracking number I will give it to you. Take care. George (sssmokin)
  4. sssmokin
    sssmokin TEA Time
    Hi TeaTime. Hey, I'm going to order 4 more of the Shot Talk coffee mugs for majors (coffee cup challenge) this year. I have your mailing address from the last time, but I want them shipped directly to you and they won't proceed without your phone number on the shipping. Can you email me your phone number so I can order them? Thanks. My treat.
  5. Klopp Designs Putters
  6. Klopp Designs Putters
    Klopp Designs Putters
    Customized and American-milled golf putters. Premium quality.
  7. sssmokin
    sssmokin TEA Time
    Hi TEA Time. Just need you to pull a member classified I recently put in........."Ogio silencer cart bag". I sold it locally. Thanks, sssmokin
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  8. Kenny smith
    Kenny smith limpalong
    Hey just saw your play with your hoard of ping balls LOL. Would you be open to selling any of them? Thank you , Kenny Smith
  9. ernesttbass
    ernesttbass TEA Time
    Ok tea time it’s deleted!

    But you know it’s true or it would not bother you!
  10. Des
    Hi, how many different models of Ping Slazenger putters were made?
  11. Des
    Ping Slazenger Putters
  12. mikala77
  13. sssmokin
    sssmokin PaPaD
    My last duty station in 1968-70 was Norfolk VA. I had a girlfriend in Spotsylvania VA. near Fredericksburg. Her parents owned the one little store, gas station, clothing store, and grocery...……...Minter was their last name. Wonderful people. I'd drive there every weekend.
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  14. TEA Time
    TEA Time
    Sweet! Thanks again.
  15. sssmokin
    sssmokin TEA Time
    cups are supposed to arrive by you today.
  16. sssmokin
    sssmokin TEA Time
    The coffee mugs have been shipped (April 25th). By FedEx tracking # is 602743317840. See lovely pic in Masters post. Supposed to be delivered there on May 1st.
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  17. Bogey Swinger
    Bogey Swinger
    should you leave the flagstick in or out when putting?
    STEVE CRAIG Fuzzifus
    If you could think way back----did your old PGA pro buddy have any Aluminum Golf Shafts for sale.
    Thx so much for your time!!!

    for pm
    STEVE CRAIG Rockford35
    If you could dig way back in your memory banks, did you ever find a source for aluminum Golf shafts.

  20. Steven23
    Golf is one of the most exciting sports in the world