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A Tale of Two Nines

Discussion in 'General Golf Talk' started by Youngun5, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Youngun5

    Youngun5 Beware of the Phog!

    Aug 26, 2004
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    My Round yesterday,

    Front nine was going abysmal, at best, was being rushed by another single right off the bat,

    Parred the first.
    Bogeyed the Second.
    Birdied the Third
    Bogeyed the Fourth

    Fifth is a cliff tee shot par 3, with about 40ft of elevation change. Normally plays about 180 from the tips, but wind was with, so I stuck my 7 iron to about 15 feet or so. I ask the guy behind to join, as he'd just finished putting out on the previous green. Judging by how well he was moving and keeping up, i figured he was in his 40's or so....turns out he'd just had his 80th Birthday! lol. Actually a Great Guy....here's why.

    Birdied the Par 3 by hitting a tricky downhiller.
    Birdied the Par 5 Sixth by hitting my 3rd to 12 feet or so, and making a slippery left to righter dowhill.
    Birdied the Par 4 7th. A short par4 risk/reward. From the Whites, I'll try and carry the water fronting the green, but from the tips, its a no-go....hit my 3w to about 100 out, and then stick my GW to about 2 feet. make my Putt for 3 Birds in a row.
    Birdied the Par 5 8th. Missed my tee shot left behind some trees, had to hit a great drawn 3 wood low up to the top of the hill, and then stuck another Gw from 80 yards to 8 feet directly underneath the hole. made the putt. 4 in a Row. (Match my record from earlier this year)

    After hitting a great drive on the par 4 9th, my 6iron went left, missed the green, and my chip hit the Flag and bounced out for me to miss out on my 5th in a row!!! argh.

    a sweet -3, 33 from the absolute tips on the front,

    only to butcher the back...of course.

    was even on the back after the 12th, pulled my drive a little left on 13, and had a lie that was questionably ground under repair, where a cart had driven through mud, and it had caked over. I ended up playing it as it was. totally missed it right into longgrass, and ended up doubling from there.

    Doubled the next par 3...joy.
    parred the 15th,
    3 putted the par 3 16th for another bogey.
    Doubled the 17th, (if you'd have played this hole, you'd know this is nothing unusual...)
    and Got one back on the 18th, by making a slippery left to right downhiller from 15 feet for Bird.

    ended up with a +3, 75. Still my best score since I've been playing the tips and prepping for the Club Championship. Obviously i wished I wouldn't have brainfarted on the back, but it was still a good experience.

    Always sucks to be over par when you make 6 birds in a round, but I stuck with it, and ended on a good note.
  2. kevin markham

    kevin markham Irish golfer

    Sep 1, 2009
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    The thing I never understand is how the 2 nines can be so different but so alike.

    I played in the Captain's Prize in July and played the front 9 beautifully but not one putt dropped and I ended up with 17 points. I played the back 9 abysmally and still managed 14 points. Just 3 points in the difference but the quality was miles apart. Go figure!

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