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Cleaning off the rust

Discussion in 'Hacker's Anonymous' started by IrishGolfer, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. IrishGolfer

    IrishGolfer Fac ut gaudeam Supporting Member

    Sep 1, 2004
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    It's starting to feel like lockdown is gradually lifting here. I have my first competitive round on Saturday, so I got a lesson last night to clear the cobwebs away. I wanted the pro to look at all the basics and I got some interesting feedback. Although my warmup was decent, when I starting hitting 6 iron shots for him, my misses were a slight block and a pull hook. Both were minor misses, probably still finding the edges of the green. But it's still a 2-way miss. No Bueno.

    Here is the takeaway: Overall my set-up is decent. A few points, as always, to work on.

    1. On the left hand of my grip, I need to shorten my thumb. It seems a very minor change, but one that proved very uncomfortable and uneasy to implement. The theory is the get better coverage of key points on the left hand. It's something for me to focus on and work to build it into the norm.

    2. Ball position. I was hitting a 6 iron and he wanted me to move it back towards the center of my stance by 1 ball width. again, a small but important change.

    3. This was the dynamite. He wants me to fire my left hip out of the way at impact. Think of my left femur going up and back as forcefully as I felt comfortable. As some of you know I had hip surgery several years ago. I think subconsciously I slide rather than turn. It took a few goes but when I got into it, it made a big difference, just focusing on this. I'm conscious that I don't want to force this as it may lead to hip issues, but it seemed to work like a light switch.

    After several 6 irons, all with a little draw, no misses the right, I moved to the driver and 3 wood and I was smoking just about everything. Even he was a little taken back. My lockdown work swinging Speed Sticks may be paying off, added to the hip move. Is this the magic sauce I've been looking for? Looking forward to Saturday now.

    Go and get a lesson, guys! 30 mins and I feel rejuvenated. It takes an expert to spot some minor things that are relatively easy to fix. Hopefully, it will make my game more enjoyable.
  2. limpalong

    limpalong Mental Ward Escapee Supporting Member

    Oct 18, 2006
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    I forgot!
    United States United States
    I went off a building in 1977, landing on frozen ground. Blew my left knee apart. They screwed it back together with what seemed a keg of stainless steel screws. That was long before I could spell "golf". Over the years, I grew a bone spur into the battered joint. Was painful, but never seemed to have the time to get it worked on. 2009, they went in with a Skil saw, drill, and some epoxy and replaced the knee joint. From the time I began playing golf until late 2009, I could never get my weight through to the left due to pain. Even though I have zero pain, now... run, climb ladders, etc... it is so easy to revert to the old habit of ending up on the back foot. I fight it constantly. Understand what you are saying.

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