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Golf Instructor Pete Cowen: 'I'm Feeling Horrendous and Wouldn't Wish This on Anyone'

Discussion in 'Golf News' started by Dogfish Head, Mar 24, 2020.

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    PETE COWEN, A GOLF INSTRUCTOR who works with Henrik Stenson, Brooks Koepka, Gary Woodland, Graeme McDowell and others, believes he is sick with COVID-19, according to a report by The Telegraph.

    Cowen, 69, has been laid low by the virus.

    "I'm feeling horrendous and wouldn't wish this on anyone, no matter how young and fit they may be," he said.

    Cowen was helping players at The Players Championship in Ponte Vedra Beach before the tournament was canceled after the first round. He hasn't been tested.

    "After a few days of self-isolation," Cowen said, "we decided to ring the ambulance and the medics said I ticked every box on the corona sheet.

    "They were fantastic, but said they were not allowed to test me unless I was admitted to hospital and then the staff there decided to keep you in."

    Cowen delivered an ominous message.

    "I don't want to alarm anyone, and I might just have been particularly vulnerable to it, but I'm not sure how anyone with an underlying illness could cope with this."

    (H/T GolfChannel.com)

    Source: Golf Instructor Pete Cowen: 'I'm Feeling Horrendous and Wouldn't Wish This on Anyone'

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