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Golfer Sidney Beckwith Dies at 101; He Shot Below His Age 1,464 Times

Discussion in 'Golf News' started by Dogfish Head, May 21, 2020.

  1. Dogfish Head

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    SIDNEY BECKWITH CHEATED DEATH MANY TIMES in his 101 years. This remembrance by Adam Schupak for Golfweek is worth a full read.

    Sidney Beckwith
    Beckwith died on May 9 after a bout with cancer and complications that followed, but a photo in Schupak's story shows him putting at Greenwood Valley Country Club on March 5.

    Beckwith's longevity produced an enviable record on the golf course, according to Schupak:
    Beckwith was 72 when he first broke his age at Green Valley. When he did it for the 100th time at age 85, his golf buddies took him out for a celebratory dinner. It only took three more years to get to 200 rounds at which time his friends at Gardiner;s Bay gave him a plaque that proclaimed his "the guiding light of all golfers." (The club later renamed its annual Silver Bowl tournament the Beckwith Bowl.)
    At age 98, he broke his age more than 100 times. When he surpassed 1,000 rounds, a reporter from the Orlando Sentinel had to see it to believe it. Beckwith saved every scorecard, signed, attested and dated by his fellow competitors. Stacks of them lined the window sill of his bedroom and boxes filled to the gills secured the proof, each numbered, 1,464 in all, and telling a story of his age-defying feats.​
    Beckwith's is a story of luck, love, learning and staying active for more than a century.

    For perspective, his first car was a 1929 Ford Coupe. More recently, at age 100, Sidney drove his Hyundai Elantra on regular trips to the grocery store.

    His first golf club was a wooden mashie. More recently, the centenarian teed off with a Callaway Epic driver. And his golf ball was in the air before 8 a.m. six days a week.

    Source: Golfer Sidney Beckwith Dies at 101; He Shot Below His Age 1,464 Times
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    I think this is Limp’s dream ticket!

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