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Heavenly Conversations: Bobby Jones Comforts Byron Nelson

Discussion in 'Golf News' started by Dogfish Head, May 10, 2019.

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    This week's PGA Tour event got me thinking about golf great Byron Nelson. So I searched this blog for all the Nelson articles. What follows is from April 2007.

    "I'M DISAPPOINTED IN MY TOURNAMENT, Bobby. It wasn't the same this year."

    "I know how you feel, Byron. It's hard when all that’s left of you down there is your name."

    "All of the finest players showed up for my tournament last year. They came up to me and shook my hand."

    "Last year you were alive, Byron."

    "I guess it turned out well enough. I'm glad Scott Verplank won. I've known him since he was a junior. He's a great kid."

    "That was special."

    "Bobby, do all the changes to Augusta National and your tournament ever bother you?"

    "Sure, but you get used to it. They mean well for the most part."

    "You're still a gentleman, Bobby."

    "So are you, Byron."

    "By the way, Bobby, what's that sound?"

    "That's Hogan hitting balls."

    "Ben practices up here?"

    "Some things never change, Byron."


    Source: Heavenly Conversations: Bobby Jones Comforts Byron Nelson

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