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ICYMI: PGA Tour Champions' Kirk Triplett and Black Lives Matter

Discussion in 'Golf News' started by Dogfish Head, Aug 21, 2020.

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    For @realcaptainkirk, Black Lives Matter is personal.

    His youngest son is African-American. pic.twitter.com/kH5jL7E8oz
    — PGA TOUR Champions (@ChampionsTour) August 11, 2020

    TOUR VETERAN KIRK TRIPLETT DECIDED to make a statement about racial injustice -- inside the ropes. He put a "Black Lives Matter" sticker on his golf bag at last week's Senior Players Championship in Akron, Ohio.

    "I'm certainly not a guy with solutions," Triplett said in a Golf Digest story by Joel Beall. "But it begins with talking about it. And right now, golf isn't talking about it, and I wasn't sure if it would."

    Triplett, 58, and his wife, Cathi, have four children. Two kids are adopted, both minorities. Their youngest, 18-year-old Kobe, is black.

    Race is a regular topic in the Triplett home. They are hard conversations.

    "I wasn't trying to make a stand," Triplett said about the sticker on his bag. "I was just trying to put a question, an idea out there."

    Triplett had three wins on the PGA Tour.

    Source: ICYMI: PGA Tour Champions' Kirk Triplett and Black Lives Matter

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