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Kingdom Magazine on Lee Trevino at 81: Blind Putters (Including One Named Mrs. Mayberry)...

Discussion in 'Golf News' started by Dogfish Head, Dec 2, 2020.

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    LEE TREVINO WAS THE HARDEST TO BEAT, noted Jack Nicklaus, who faced many tough competitors over a long career that produced 18 major wins and even more runner-up finishes (19).

    That tidbit is included in Kingdom's feature interview with Trevino, now 81. The "Merry Mex," as he was called back in the day, doesn't play much golf anymore.

    But he talks golf better than ever.

    Trevino has a theory about putters that altered his outcome at the 1974 PGA Championship in North Carolina.

    From Kingdom, here's Trevino:
    "Listen, let me explain something to you about putters, okay?"


    "Kittens are born blind. A lot of people don't know that," continues Trevino, who turned 81 on December 1. "When kittens are born they can't see for a week and their mother takes care of them and feeds them. Putters are the same way. A new putter is blind. You can go in the pro shop and there will be 20 putters. You take two of them out to the putting green, you pick one and with that putter you make every putt in the world. So you buy that putter but after seven days it opens its eyes, it recognises you, sees you putt and from that moment you putt just as bad with that putter as with your old ones. This is what happens.

    "So back in 1974 I was looking for a blind putter. If I could find that blind putter then I just hoped I could get the tournament over with before it opened its eyes and recognised me. That is exactly what I did that week and there is a lot of truth to that."​

    As some of you might recall, Lee Trevino won the 1974 PGA Championship by a stroke. Jack Nicklaus finished second.​

    Source: Kingdom Magazine on Lee Trevino at 81: Blind Putters (Including One Named Mrs. Mayberry) and Much More

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