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Now 13, FedEx Cup Playoffs Are Still Awkward and In Search of Identity

Discussion in 'Golf News' started by Dogfish Head, Aug 6, 2019.

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    THE FEDEX CUP PLAYOFFS ARE still kind of odd, right? They're constantly changing, and I wonder if it's in a good way. Sort of like those awkward teen years, which, 13 years in, the playoffs now enter.

    This year it's goodbye PGA Championship, hello FedEx Cup Playoffs, in August. Not a bad idea, I suppose, if you're hellbent on finishing before the NFL kicks off.

    There are three playoff tournaments instead of four: this week's Northern Trust, then the BMW Championship, then the finale, the Tour Championship at East Lake in Atlanta. Also probably a good thing.

    There's more money (from $35 million to $65 million) and only one winner at the Tour Championship, the FedEx Cup champion. (No individual tournament winner.)

    I won't attempt to explain the points system, but I'll point you to the PGA Tour's FedEx Cup Playoffs Primer, here.

    Mike McAllister wrote about one of the biggest changes at PGATOUR.COM:

    Instead of a points reset used in the previous format, the new format for East Lake [at the Tour Championship] starting this season involves a strokes-based bonus system called FedExCup Starting Strokes. Each player will start with a score (relative to par) corresponding to his position in FedExCup points after the BMW Championship. Here’s the breakdown:

    FedExCup rank
    entering East LakeStarting

    No. 110 under
    No. 28 under
    No. 37 under
    No. 46 under
    No. 55 under
    Nos. 6-104 under
    Nos. 11-153 under
    Nos. 16-202 under
    Nos. 21-251 under
    Nos. 26-30Even par​

    How we feel about this when it's all over is hard to say. Teenagers can sorely disappoint or pleasantly surprise us, or a little bit of both.

    Source: Now 13, FedEx Cup Playoffs Are Still Awkward and In Search of Identity

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