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PGATOUR.COM: 'When Kite Met Crenshaw'

Discussion in 'Golf News' started by Dogfish Head, Mar 30, 2019.

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    BEN CRENSHAW MET TOM KITE in Austin, Texas, when they were kids in the early 1960s. A long friendship and Hall of Fame careers followed.

    Here's a short excerpt from Melanie Hauser's feature at PGATOUR.COM:
    Ben and Charlie Crenshaw were headed across the parking lot at old Austin Country Club off Riverside Drive, ready to take on the back nine. They were dressed in T-shirts and cutoffs and had their well-worn golf bags – filled with collections of mismatched ladies and junior clubs – slung across their shoulders.
    It was the summer of '62. Ben was 10; Charlie was 11. They were inseparable back then, whether it was on the golf course, playing baseball or just hanging out. Two brothers, two best friends growing up in Austin in the '60s; two pretty good athletes just having fun and trying to get better. At whatever sport they were playing.
    Suddenly they saw a slightly older boy – dressed in slacks and a golf shirt -- carrying a new big red bag with a set of Wilson Staff clubs. He had red hair and glasses, brand-new golf shoes and a Texas drawl. His family had just moved down from Dallas and joined the club.
    His name was Tom Kite.
    "Y'all mind if I play the back nine with you?" he said.
    The Crenshaw boys sized him up and said sure, c'mon.​

    Source: PGATOUR.COM: 'When Kite Met Crenshaw'

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