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Review of Accuflex Creation shaft in a Cobra F9

Discussion in 'Golf Equipment Reviews' started by IrishGolfer, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. IrishGolfer

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    Sep 1, 2004
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    First things first. A big thanks to Jerry (WBL) who very kindly acted as my club builder on this little project. This shaft was on close-out sale and I had always been curious about it. Jerry bought it for me in the US, gripped it and put on a Cobra adapter. He even shipped it to Ireland, so I owe him for this one, big time!

    I was away on business when it arrived but I have now had a few sessions with it so happy to share with you guys my experiences. Up to now, I have been using the stock HZRDUS shaft in stiff that I originally bought with the Cobra. I have my club set to 1.5 degrees more loft so coming out at 12 degrees and still hitting low to medium shots. It's not a bad shaft I guess but I'm not giddy about it either so I was curious to try this one as it was higher launching.

    First off, it looks amazing, a beautiful chrome finish with nice decals. It certainly looks lush! I initially tried this on a simulator against the HZRDUS and came to the following conclusions:

    It spins more (about 500rpm more on average)
    It launches higher
    It is straighter and feels wonderfully smooth
    Overall, my distances were about the same, slightly more carry and less roll.

    I was off work yesterday so I took it out on a cold windy day for a test drive for 9 holes. On the downwind, crosswind holes, it was money. Into the wind, it climbed like a snake on speed. I lost a lot of distance to my normal strike. So I'm not loving the higher spin. It's still early days as I get to know it a little better. I really want to like this, as it looks awesome, but it has to work, right?

    On an interesting side note my son was killing it. He has a much higher swing speed and ball speed but hits a very low rope hook. He got better launch angles out of this and better spin rates and was much straighter. He was loving it. So I think I know how this story is going to end.
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