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Tiger Woods Is Sounding Like the Rest of Us: 'Just Trying to Scrape It Around'

Discussion in 'Golf News' started by Dogfish Head, Jul 20, 2019.

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    TIGER WOODS MISSED THE CUT at Royal Portrush Golf Club in The Open Championship and sounded resigned in the process. His body was off. His shot shapes were off. And now he's taking more time off.

    We're not anything like Tiger, even in his diminished 43-year-old form. But after reading his quotes more than once, I realized that he and the rest of us are sounding more and more alike.

    Look at what Tiger said. I'll bet you've heard it before, whether out of the mouths of your golf pals or out of your own mouth.

    "I'm just not moving as well as I'd like."

    "Unfortunately, you've got to be able to move, and especially under these conditions, shape the golf ball. And I didn't do it. I didn't shape the golf ball at all."

    "Everything was left-to-right."

    "And wasn't hitting [it] very solidly."

    "I didn't do much out there today."

    "I hit a lot of missed shots."

    "Everything was off the heel. Just trying to scrape it around.”

    This sure sounds like other aging golfers, guys I might play with. And yes, me.

    Source: Tiger Woods Is Sounding Like the Rest of Us: 'Just Trying to Scrape It Around'

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