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Recent content by 295yards

  1. 295yards

    My first Eagle

    Big ****ing deal!
  2. 295yards

    Goddamn ball thieves

    I was going for a short uphill par 4 and blocked it oout right over trees and into the next fairway just in front of the next tee. I could see my ball resting smack dab in the middle of the fairway. After waiting for my friends to tee off and hit their seconds ( and third : ) ) I got to...
  3. 295yards

    Funniest Look on Guys Face

    I always lie about my handicap when golfing with new golfers. I say I play to roughly a bogey per hole, kind of takes the pressure off everyone.
  4. 295yards

    The 3 wood

    Kinda sounds like a game of golf! Hmmm, 250 to the green? Should I lay up or risk going for it? : ) The best advice I can give is to only consider hitting this high risk shot when the golf course will let you.
  5. 295yards

    Hanging On To Your Swing

    The margin for error in golf is not great! Regardless if you have a good swing or a horrific one, the results can be the same; that is that how well you are hitting the ball one day is not a determining factor wether your swing is with you or not.
  6. 295yards

    Can I get a rules official over here?

    Damn brothers! It's not hard to understand. You didn't loose your first ball so you couldn't play the provisional even if you wanted too ( including if it hit the cart path 10 times and came to rest on the green :confused: ) Hopefully, had you smoked your second drive up the pipe, you...
  7. 295yards

    Starter Etiquette

    The deal with fischer has been solved long ago and you're hashing at nothing pal, so backpeddle and get off it already. As far as my choice words, they were well warranted.
  8. 295yards

    Starter Etiquette

    My issue with Fischer was him not wanting to play with someone because of a handicap rating.
  9. 295yards

    Starter Etiquette

    You are a thief. You are an *******!
  10. 295yards

    Starter Etiquette

    Oh? And around here you can only book 7 days in advance and it's pretty competitive to get that early tee time, especially when everyone whos a member knows someone in the pro shop.
  11. 295yards

    Starter Etiquette

    Definitely how I prefer my rounds on the weekend, sipping coffee and tracking threw the dewey mist, but unfortunately I can't always get out that early and I have never to this date booked other groupings. It is slightly unethical but so is booking groups of 4 8mins apart the whole day and...
  12. 295yards

    Starter Etiquette

    Sometimes a man needs to find his own balls : ) If he can't find them by himself its probably because their in his wifes purse.
  13. 295yards

    Starter Etiquette

    I ragged on him for wanting to be paired up with low cappers only. It's a snotty attitude that does not belong on the course, IMO. But, I don't think he even meant it that way FWIW. I remember starting out and having a hard time breaking 100. I could not hit driver straight for the life of...
  14. 295yards

    My new swing...tips are welcome

    This is just my opinion and i'm sure most everyone would disagree. Stop hitting balls and build some power in that swing first. Right now you have NOTHING! Maybe swinging 85mph and you are totalling mishitting it so your smash is probably 1.3ish? for a total ballspeed of 110-120mph. What are...
  15. 295yards

    First Lesson

    Ask questions! If he can't listen, he can't teach!