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Recent content by acarty

  1. acarty

    F'S: R9 TP 8.5 X

    lol thanks. I'll get it amended. I just have no idea as to what it's worth. I haven't ho'd anything for some time now - had to kick that habit!
  2. acarty

    F'S: R9 TP 8.5 X

    Hi guys, Got myself a new big dog, so need to shift mine quick. As my sig, R9 TP 8.5 with motore 73x and white/black multi compound. Good condition. No idiot marks, and some tee marks underneath. Complete with wrench and head cover. It's dark here so as soon as its a nice light, I'll...
  3. acarty

    New 3-wood advice

    Slick - you still got this? I have a feeling that's the thing that's in my driver and I love it.
  4. acarty

    Help me with R9 SuperTri, please

    Sib, if the heavy weight in the centre section, then you should try swapping it for a light weight. The only other thing I can suggest it to open the face up and fiddle with the weights so that the face will shut down a little thru impact, meaning that it's been de-lofted a touch? Best thing to...
  5. acarty


    Thanks guys! Glad to be here. Just sat watching Amen Corner coverage on Sky Sports over here in Sunny UK!
  6. acarty


    Well hello chaps. I'm back! Been a long time since I've been on here, and it appears there's some new members since i was last here! Anyway, good to be back, and I luck forward to spending more time around here again! Andy
  7. acarty

    FS: UK - SkyCaddie SG2.5

    Hi guys, Long time no speak! I'm looking to get rid of my SkyCaddie SG2.5. It's a great unit and comes with a hard case, bag clip and I think I still have the box. It's just run out of my subscription and I don't use it very often. I need it to go today really, so someone make me an...
  8. acarty

    Titleist Balls

    I didn't think it'd be cheap for you over-the-pond guys, but some people over here will willingly pay £40 a doz...! Never mind, just worth a punt!
  9. acarty

    Titleist Balls

    Guys, The assistant pro at my place has 35 doz Titleist balls to shift. He's got Pro V1's, V1X's, PTS and DT's for sale. He can usually do them about £35 for Pro V1's, plus shipping. I'm sure he can do a deal, but I just thought I'd try help him out!
  10. acarty

    WTB: R9 Shaft Tip

    OK, Fat, It's a .335 tip. I looked it up and found the answer over at WRX just by chance...! Anyone got a .335 R9 sleeve?
  11. acarty

    WTB: R9 Shaft Tip

    Now you're asking... I have no idea. It's from the all-black Burner TP. I'll take a look and let you know!
  12. acarty

    WTB: R9 Shaft Tip

    Evenin! I've got a Burner TP shaft here that I want to whack in my R9 head, and need a tip. Anyone got a spare? Andy
  13. acarty

    Handicap Goals 2010

    OK firstly I'm with LeftyH here. Up until 2 years ago, I couldn't give a crap about the short game. I took lessons, and spent 80% of my range time working on 50 yards and in, around the green, bunkers etc, and I dropped 8 shots in a year, and a further 2 the year after. My goal this year is to...
  14. acarty

    It's a bit wet here....

    it's a little better today... still flooded...
  15. acarty

    Tour issue 8.5* Nike SQ SuMo2 with Diamana BB73x (UK)

    lol i've been looking all over for one of those Tour things for you but everyone, like me, must think they're a POS!! Glad you enjoyed it. I went for 18 at the weekend and plugged 1 inch from the lip of those front bunkers. Damned unlucky!