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Recent content by bogeymaker

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    Whats your job??

    Im a photographer. Check out my work at www.diliegrostudios.com
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    First lesson...

    Well...today I took my first lesson from a pro. We spent an hour together and my swing was video'd and analyzed my him. Sems I am slightly casting and my keft wrist is scooping the ball at impact. All in all, my swing looks horrible. He did fix some things but we are going to work a lot more...
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    Cleanng clubs

    Mine are brand new and were SHINEY the other day...not anymore. LOL. I think I wil clean mine at least every other round. The grips arent slick at all, but I wanted to make sure I take care of them.
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    Cleanng clubs

    When cleaning my clubs, do I also wash the grips? I read somewhere that if you washed the grips with soapy water that it will make them tacky. I need tacky. Tacky is good. How do you guys clean your clubs? What do you use for cleaning besides water?
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    1/2 of nine, Im GOLDEN!

    yessir...already talked to the best teaching pro around here about lessons. Im going to go see him tomorrow to see when I can get in a lesson or 12.
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    1/2 of nine, Im GOLDEN!

    Figured I would play nine again today (2nd day in a row) and went to the course that I had wanted to play for a while. The course was in beautiful shape and I was doing great through 4 holes ( I was playing bogey golf through the drive on 4). My swing was decent and the ball was jumping off of...
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    I have always been told to hold it like I were holding a bird...just enough bressure that he cant get away, but not too much to suffocate him.
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    Adams IDEA Irons and WTF cant I swing a club...

    Well, I got my Adams IDEA irons today...picked them up and went STRAIGHT to the practice range. Hit about 400 balls with them and was simply SPANKING them. Straight down the fairway with decent yardages. A few fades, a few draws (not on purpose though) and man, are those hybrids SWEET...
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    I figured something out...

    Slow and steady wins the race - er, hits it straight. I was on the range today and was just hitting my 3 wood...a whole bucket with the 3 wood. Mainly because I dont get my new irons until tomorrow, but I have been hitting my 3 wood terribly the last few times out. Well, I was swingling...
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    hmmm...thanks, guys!
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    anyone used one of these contraptions? Did it actually help you or make you more confused?
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    **-Single Digit Summer-***

    Does that really make a difference in the length? Im a little (well, more than a little) overweight, but I always have been big and bulky. Is this taking away from my length?
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    Can I have your attention please...

    They did mention my swing speed and it was low 90's to mid 90's, which I think is low for me. I think with the 6 iron I was swinging high 80's, But, Im not a technical expert on Golf and I really may be wrong about all of this. The computer said I was hitting the 6 iron about 170 yards, but...
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    Can I have your attention please...

    Well, I gotta HIT the damned ball better before any new clubs or shafts work ...LOL. Actually, Im sure that the new clubs will make a difference a little, but Im not expecting miracles. I think the clubs will give me more confidence than I have right now, though. Im swinging a hodge podge of...
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    Can I have your attention please...

    now Im kinda worried about these clubs...maybe im just confused. :)