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Recent content by brillo

  1. brillo

    Tour Exotics help

    What are the differences in the XCG and the XCG-V fairway woods? I'm looking to buy a 3-wood and have heard a lot of good things about these. I'm left handed, so it's hard to go out and find a pro shop that has these that I can hit. Anyone hit them and have any comments also? Thanks for any...
  2. brillo

    Seeking advice on mizuno irons

    Go to a store and hit them. I just got the MP-32 and they are the best club I have ever hit. You might want to try them also. Very solid and somewhat forgiving blade.
  3. brillo

    Mizuno Counterfeit

    You have to be careful even if you call Mizuno and the serial number checks out. I talked to a Callaway rep that said there are people out there getting legit serial numbers off of clubs in the store and they are stamping them on hundreds of sets of clones.
  4. brillo

    ogio bag questions

    I have an Ogio Stinger II now, but it's wearing out. I was thinking of the Ogio Atlas. Does anyone have this bag or know much about it? I really love the woode system on my Stinger, but what about the new Uniter top? Does anyone have any pics of how they have their clubs set up in the Uniter...
  5. brillo

    Places to play in the south?

    I went and played Cyprus Lakes last week and it looks very good right now. Especially for this time of the year. I think it was $42 with a cart right now, but we used the Lung Card and got to play it for $30.
  6. brillo

    round of golf

    You must be from around Auburn. I graduated from there....War Damn Eagle. Great Trent Jones course right there by you.
  7. brillo

    Shutting the doors

    Could you please either post some pics of the left handed Burner TP or send them to me? Thanks
  8. brillo

    Ebay issues...

    Sorry it didn't work. I've been on Ebay all the time here lately and it's not doing it to me. If you've cleared out all your internet cache and it didn't work, you might want to try to scan your computer to make sure you haven't picked up anything like some spyware or something. There's a...
  9. brillo

    Ebay issues...

    I had similar problems about a month ago and I was told to delete all my internet history, cookies, etc. and it worked. Try that and let me know if it worked.
  10. brillo

    Going to Hawaii, Three Questions.

    I went to Hawaii a few years ago for my honeymoon. We went to Maui. While we were setting up some excursions, I asked the guy where was good to play and how much. He could've gotten me on at Wailea Blue or Gold for about $50. It normally cost a little over $100. He said that he calls that...
  11. brillo

    Places to play in the south?

    The RTJ in the shoals is awesome. The Fighting Joe there is very long, but the Schoolmaster is also very challenging. If you're not hitting the ball too well right now, then you definately want to play the Schoolmaster. Cyprus Lakes in Florence is also a very nice course. That's where UNA...
  12. brillo

    Somebody buy something

    Oh, I forgot. And I just bought a new Cleveland CG12 sand wedge.
  13. brillo

    Somebody buy something

    I've just spent a pile here in the last month. I just bought an Accuflex Creation shaft for my driver, an Accuflex Evolution shaft for my 3-wood, a new set of Mizuno MP32s, a Skycaddie SG5, and a couple of new coolers to pack some beer in. I hope I'm done spending for a while.
  14. brillo

    Mizuno Counterfeit

    How would I be able to tell if they are fake? I've hit some clone clubs that my friends had that didn't hit that bad. Other than just the feel of them, is there any other way to tell?
  15. brillo

    Mizuno Counterfeit

    I just bought a used set of MP-32 from 3balls.com on Ebay. I hope they're not fake. They'll be here Monday. 3balls has been around for a while so maybe I'm OK. Anyone had any dealings with them?