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Recent content by Bubble Head

  1. Bubble Head

    Nickent 3dx hybrids

    I have 2 of them. I have whole bag of others in the garage. These won hands down. I love them with Aldila NV shafts.
  2. Bubble Head

    200 yard 6 iron?

    So I hit most everything 75% of pro distance. I don't swing as fast and I don't shift my weight very well so I hit the ball a bit high, right and short. I remember Jay Haas hitting a 6 iron 185 on the champion tour. So this isn't anything special.
  3. Bubble Head

    Long Drivers

    So no driver is always longer than another for all golfers, right?
  4. Bubble Head

    Long Drivers

    Why are some drivers longer than others for virtually everyone? In this day and age, you would think that all drivers would have a COR at the ragged edge of the limit. Better drivers would have a higher COR across more of the face, but other than that, why the difference? Depending on...
  5. Bubble Head

    Need a new Putter..What do you have?

    I recommend that you look at whether you want a center shaft or off set putter. I hadn't realized that there was a difference and had picked up an off set putter. I got a chance to hit a center shaft and was amazed at how much better I could hit the line I wanted. I am a minority. But...
  6. Bubble Head

    Advice on Nickent Square

    Thanks folks. R Flex tour 10.5*
  7. Bubble Head

    Advice on Nickent Square

    I started the year with no intent to change anything in my bag. But people are practically giving these away and hitting fairways is my number one priority (No ,using a pitching wedge doesn't count and drive for show, putt for dough is only true if you aren't in the trees) I play a draw...
  8. Bubble Head


    When I root for a guy I follow the following rule. 1. Root for Tiger. 2. Root for the lowest ranked contender. I would have been happy with either of them. But I want Tiger to break Nicklaus' major record before he is 35. (Bet with my dad)
  9. Bubble Head

    Surprising Clubs

    I was looking at Lee Westwood's and Rocco Mediate's clubs. Westwood was playing I3's and Mediate was playing X-20's. Neither are ultra game improvement. But neither are anywhere near blades. So much for the best players playing different clubs than the rest of us.
  10. Bubble Head

    First "Barkie"

    I wanted to share my joy of a recent accomplishment. I was playing a 170yd par 3. It is narrow, with big trees on both sides. Just before the green, the leaves from the left side almost meet the leaves from the right. My normal shot is a fade and my normal miss is a slice. The shot was going...
  11. Bubble Head

    Should a beginner start with a regular or stiff flex?

    Get irons first. A nice set of used super game improvement irons. When you can hit the 4 or 5 iron on the bottom of that set 80% of the time, then worry about hybrids and drivers.
  12. Bubble Head

    Short Hitters

    Last time I looked, Zach Johnson averaged about 265. He has a green Jacket. Play to your strengths.
  13. Bubble Head

    Speak English

    I am going to go back to the question of monoglot Americans. Personally, I speak enough Spanish that I can read a menu and order dinner in Mexico City. To get there, I took classes for 5 years and then never used it again. It isn't that we don't study other languages, most well educated...
  14. Bubble Head

    Essentials for new golfer?

    For balls, get low spin. Go to a golf shop and ask for low spin balls. Much less frustrating when you are new to the game.
  15. Bubble Head

    20 year old daughter's new boyfriend

    Aruba and Curacao are both part of the Netherlands Antilles. Personally I hated Curacao. A casino, a brewery and a brothel. Oh did I mention the oil refinery? Maybe if I had my sticks with me it might have been better.