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Recent content by CKGuY914

  1. CKGuY914

    Sergio's putter .....

    It's the Taylormade/Rossa Monza Spider putter. It's currently the #1 putter model in play this week @ the FBR Open and #2 last week at the Buick, which was its first week debut on tour.
  2. CKGuY914

    Warming up on range before teeting off.

    I only hit balls when we play nicer courses where range is free, I am too cheap to purchase range balls. :p I play fine either way anyways, I just make sure I do a more extensive stretch when I didn't hit balls. When we're short on time I'd much rather putt than hit a few balls before tee...
  3. CKGuY914

    Well look what fell into my bag.......

    I picked up a set 4 months ago, absolutely love them.
  4. CKGuY914

    NV envy

    I already ordered a Grafalloy Blue S pured from Golfsmith and having them put into the FT-3, should be ready anyday now.
  5. CKGuY914

    NV envy

    Yeah Aldila made it for Paula Cream too bad I hate how the NV feels like (got one in my FT-3 right now)
  6. CKGuY914

    Long drivers on the cheap

    haha, nice try :) first post eh?
  7. CKGuY914

    all hybrid irons?

    I find hybrids very easy to hit relative to long irons but not as consistent accuracy-wise, just as I found my 2 iron more consistent than a 5 wood.
  8. CKGuY914

    Shafts for new irons

    I am not an expert either but here I go. The biggest advantage of graphite shafts are their lesser weight, which could translate to more clubhead speed which leads to more distance. Any steel shafts will have much lesser torque than graphites, and lower torque will benefit those with higher...
  9. CKGuY914

    Shafts for new irons

    Partially true.
  10. CKGuY914

    MP 32`s

    and they're not blades because?
  11. CKGuY914

    quirky pre shot drills ?

    2 very abbreviated easy practice swings just to get a feel of the things I am currently work on with my swing stand directly behind the ball to visualize the target and the shot tap a spot behind the ball that makes a straight line to the target square up my feet to the visual line...
  12. CKGuY914

    MP 32`s

    I love mine, I've had them for a few months now. I am completely hooked on the slim traditional look, whenever I grab my T-Zoids they just look so bulky, too much offset and ugly at address. I've never played any other set of blades before but just from the extremely easy transition from the...
  13. CKGuY914

    Is Bigger Better?

    Distance isn't associated with the size of the club head. Bigger club heads only provide bigger sweet spot for greater forgiveness. Ball control as in workability of the golf ball? I don't think the clubhead volume have anything to do with that. You can find a brand new Mizuno MP-001...
  14. CKGuY914

    big bertha

    Distance isn't associated with the size of the club head. Bigger club heads only provide bigger sweet spot for greater forgiveness. You can find some of the older Callaway or Taylor Made models on eBay for under $100 easily. Or you can find a brand new Mizuno MP-001 460cc (the USGA limit...