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Recent content by ClairefromClare

  1. ClairefromClare

    Happy Birthday Claire

    A tad behind here. So--you really don't want me to bite that, do you?
  2. ClairefromClare

    Happy Birthday Claire

    Thanks, all. This is an anniversary of my 21st birthday, but never mind which one. I'm the only one in my family who has to make her own birthday cake. Grumble, grumble.
  3. ClairefromClare

    Hi Claire. EWGA and Mountain Manor

    Pa-- Just got back from the trip. Played Fernwood twice (Glenbrook was closed yesterday) and Mount Manor today. Good time. I really liked Fernwood, even though it was quirky. Two or three very straightforward hills then, wham! huge blind tee shots into elevation changes. My swing was on...
  4. ClairefromClare

    Finished 1st term of college

    Cool--first dean's list, then is Phi Beta Kappa far behind?
  5. ClairefromClare

    lady friendly? huh?

    That usually works for me! It's hygiene, guys. If you flush the toilet with the lid open, bacteria gets released into the air. Always close the lid to flush.
  6. ClairefromClare

    Wisconsin Tourisim Federation...

    He was a tough old bird from Jersey City--former Golden Gloves, the whole bit. I have never seen anyone turn that red in my life.
  7. ClairefromClare

    lady friendly? huh?

    Limp, I love you, but I'm not going near that course.
  8. ClairefromClare

    Wisconsin Tourisim Federation...

    Thanks. We're on the elderly, feeble grandparents tour. Not easy.
  9. ClairefromClare

    lady friendly? huh?

    Plentiful and real bathrooms. Ball washers and sand at the forward tees. Forward tees with real risk/reward decisions to them. Women's clubs & clothing in the pro shop. Head pro is female Chinese menu--mix and match away.
  10. ClairefromClare

    Ladies Golf Bags

    Definitely shorter. I have three: Datrek IDS. I bought it to keep the clubs separated, but the dividers don't go all the way down. So they still tangle. It's my cart bag. My carry bag is a Sun Mountain 3.5. Incredibly light bag. Holds what I need, but not as many pockets at the Datrek...
  11. ClairefromClare

    Chambers Bay Golf Course

    Played here last week. I have a new favorite golf course--it was just amazing.
  12. ClairefromClare

    Wisconsin Tourisim Federation...

    When I worked for the fed, some higher-up had the bright idea to rename the annual reviews the "Performance Management System." Being the feds, they had to label it PMS all over the place. If someone screwed up payroll, we all got memos about problems with Tiime and Attendance, complete with...
  13. ClairefromClare

    i just drove...

    I don't see a problem here.
  14. ClairefromClare

    What's for dinner?

    It's a version of barbecue. As in "throw another shrimp on the..." Essentially, barbecued pork, then shredded. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  15. ClairefromClare

    Going back to school at 49

    Wow, good luck Dubya! The life experience you bring to this will be a big help. You're going to get a lot more out of it than the whippersnappers would.