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Recent content by Clugnut

  1. Clugnut

    Holy stimpmeter Batman!!

    Haha, bummer. I always play terrible in the wind. Bet that wind made putting those slick greens fun.
  2. Clugnut

    I was given a very cool B-day present

    Wow, that is an incredible gift! That will be a very cool experience. You definitely need to take your own clubs, unless you are prepared to purchase an entire new set. Your clubs will give you a baseline, and they will make suggestions on what you can change equipment-wise to better your...
  3. Clugnut

    Hey ejdahl21...

    Happy B-day!
  4. Clugnut

    Phil Mickelson to Use Belly Putter this weekend

    Welcome to the club. I think the long putter thing will catch on eventually. Once people get over the look of it, I believe most would putt better with an anchored putter (long, belly). Some people pick them up, hit 5 putts, and say that it is not for them. If those people would use it for a...
  5. Clugnut

    Bad Golfer Rant

    Hehe, maybe that's why I had to switch to the long putter! I'll admit, last time I picked up a couple of chocolate creme's to go with my brew. I've gained a couple of pounds in the last few months. I gotta knock that stuff off.
  6. Clugnut

    Good report from Doctor

    Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool: Great news Dub!
  7. Clugnut

    Bad Golfer Rant

    Getting up early kind of stinks, until you realize you can have a lovely golf course all to your self at dawn in the summer. My routine is to swing into Dunkin' at about 5:45, and get a nice big cup of coffee. Sipping that and rolling down the fairways at dawn is just one simple pleasure in life.
  8. Clugnut

    Been a while

    Good to hear from you Lyle. Best of luck with your son's treatments. You have a beautiful family, another lucky bastard. I love the picture of the building with the purple door. You could sell that one easily.
  9. Clugnut

    Bad Golfer Rant

    I haven't played behind slow golfers for a while now. This last Wednesday was the first time for me this year getting seriously slowed up on the course. Luckily, it was at my home course, so we just jumped around until we found a spot where we could haul it. Our first 6 holes took over an...
  10. Clugnut

    Penta TP

    Played a Penta yesterday for 6 holes. 6 pars. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with the ball, but it flew great. It spins a lot off my irons, and I do not spin the ball a bunch. I think when its really dry out, this ball would be on the top of my list.
  11. Clugnut

    Iron Opinions Needed

    Those Ci-9's looks great! Hopefully this is a start of a great relationship. 76 is a great score, sounds like they are trying to cement themselves in the bag.
  12. Clugnut

    He's from Vermont!!!

    Really? I would look about 2 feet tall on TV, I swear.
  13. Clugnut

    Hey Clugnut....

    Thanks fellows!
  14. Clugnut

    He's from Vermont!!!

    Man, long is right. Holy crap he can hit it a long way. You can see why in the slo mo. Just so much torque on that small frame. I hope his body can take it.
  15. Clugnut

    Iron Opinions Needed

    I think if I were in the market, the Wilson FG Tour would definitely be on the try list.