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Recent content by D2Doug

  1. D2Doug

    Titleist 910h hybrid

    I tried all 4 910 hybrids, the only one I kept was the 19 degree. The 19 degree gave me best distance with good ball flight, the 21, and 24 overlapped to much for my game with irons. I prefer iron on the shorter end of hybrid range. The 17 I found more difficult to hit, and it didn't gain me...
  2. D2Doug

    2012 R11s NEW in shrink

    Driver no longer for sale Please DELETE entire ad.
  3. D2Doug

    2012 R11s NEW in shrink

    lol, I get that. I'm divorced, so I open everything early, lol. Or just never wrap it. Not to long to wait though, if you are in a area with golf days in January! Right now, we are still having weather for it, though the fairways are winter dead. 72 expected on Sunday here. I hope you love...
  4. D2Doug

    2012 R11s NEW in shrink

    Going to be when I go out next, maybe this weekend. I own a 913 D3, and the new R11s. Just have not played since. After I got the R11s, I got hot on Titleist again, then I thought, you know, I want to stay with what I have known for the last year and a half, at least closer to that. I intend to...
  5. D2Doug

    2012 R11s NEW in shrink

    Talk to me about a possible reduced price ASAP or lose it forever. By Friday Dec 7
  6. D2Doug

    2012 R11s NEW in shrink

    I was able to fix the photos in the first post after all, thank you for noticing that!
  7. D2Doug

    2012 R11s NEW in shrink

    I bought a NEW Taylor Made R11s, and was all ready to give this driver a go. Then something happened, I got drawn back to my prior brand driver. (Titleist) I have not put this R11s driver on the ground. It's BRAND NEW in the shrink, here's the photos where I bought it from ebay a few weeks back...
  8. D2Doug

    Mizuno jpx 825 pro's vs. 800's

    The 800 Pros would not be difficult to hit for a consistent ball striker. The longer irons are a little tougher for the average player, but I have hit them well down to 5 iron. That feel is just awesome. I didn't hit the 4 as good as standard JPX-800 4, so I chose to stay with the cast 800 4...
  9. D2Doug

    World #1 wins Money List on both sides of the Pond

    major doesn't matter when things in perspective, 6 birdies in a row to secure the victory and make Webb Simpson about pee in his pants, winning both money titles (likely) Europe title not sealed yet I don't think, though he's 1 million ahead, 14 top 10 finishes on PGA, world number 1 ranking...
  10. D2Doug

    Your Favorite Ball?

    personally, I think as your game changes, sometimes, your ball needs to change too, even during a season. For me, I am swinging the drivcer harder now than I have in a long time, I am distance gaining and seeking, so I am trying some different balls. But I won't buy over a few dozen at a time...
  11. D2Doug

    Tiger Can't Putt Anymore

    That and fairways hit. IF you can't hit the fairway,(Tiger hasn't) you can't get into scoring position, puting that much more stress on the putting game.
  12. D2Doug

    Tiger Can't Putt Anymore

    I think he used the Cameron he won so many tourneys with, in the PGA, of course, that was the last tourney he played before Fry's, so he's used 2 different putters last 2 times out.
  13. D2Doug

    Walked 9 holes

    Good for you. Staying strong to fight is important. Walking is good.
  14. D2Doug

    Belly putter?

    oh my aching back...
  15. D2Doug

    Tiger Can't Putt Anymore

    he can't putt any less either, get it? If he could, he might contend again. Belly putter anyone?