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Recent content by Dave Ireland

  1. Dave Ireland

    3rd freakin year in a row!!!!

    Hi Rory, thanks very much for the kind gesture, email sent. Kind regards Dave
  2. Dave Ireland

    3rd freakin year in a row!!!!

    Hey Guys, is there any sign of Rory about ? I've just seen he's swamped under again. I put an order in 2 weeks ago for a new Graman G-70 and despite me keeping vigil for the mailman have not had any contact.
  3. Dave Ireland

    VTDIVOT - the gauntlet is thrown!

    That would work VT ! .. we've official practice rounds Sunday & Monday ... Tuesday is a rest day before the tourney starts ... so eh what would you do on a rest day other than golf ... damn Tuesday is yer return date ? We'd been looking at Fox Hollow and emmm something Ranch near Bradenton on a...
  4. Dave Ireland

    VTDIVOT - the gauntlet is thrown!

    Howya guys ....we hit Naples 25/4 til 4/5 for our annual golf tournament. I might be able to persuade some of my guys to take a trip towards Tampa to give an internatonal feel to your get-together. I'll keep a lookout for any updates
  5. Dave Ireland


    Any sign of the putter A ? Thanks for the clarififcation on Paypal Eracer
  6. Dave Ireland

    I'm not complaining but ..

    Hah .. ya bastad !! .. I'll stick with what I have and search for that extra something ... I've tried yer limp wristed swing .. but it's not for me ..:D
  7. Dave Ireland

    LETS GO SERGIO!!!!!!!!

    Good luck to Golfsmith, but I can't share the same sentiments for Sergio
  8. Dave Ireland

    I'm not complaining but ..

    Yeah lads, I take yer numbers criticsm constructively ... yer dead right with regard to me not optimising the full potential of a 109mph SS. I'm guessing that either (or both) Launch and Spin Rate needed addressing with the 460TP. There was a thread posted a few years ago of a website...
  9. Dave Ireland

    I'm not complaining but ..

    the figures shouldn't add up, but they do. The internet makes work for idle hands, 2 weeks ago, during some downdown I snagged a used 10.5* Geek DCT shoed with a 46 inch untipped UL540 REGULAR Shaft. OK sez I, first thing to do is take it into Mr Clubmaker and have her tipped an inch before we...
  10. Dave Ireland

    Winter Golf Apparel

    Poteen .. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poit%C3%ADn ;)
  11. Dave Ireland


    It's a while since I've sold on eBay ... is this a new thing where Paypal don't release payment until feedback is left ? Did ya ho from US or UK, might be holed up in Customs ? Did you include insurance in P&P, should be ok. On the flip side - if you got the Bettinardi for a steal it...
  12. Dave Ireland

    Golfing with new people, good or bad?

    I tend to play better when 1. I get off to a good start and 2. when I don't have to mark the 4 scorecards of our group irrespective of who I'm playing with ... there is side issues with hunting in the trees for partners balls, but really if I'm playing well - 30 secs is all it takes to tune...
  13. Dave Ireland

    Tavistock Cup

    Ah he's a naturalised American now .. they can bastardise it anyways they want now .. but leave Pawdreg alone !!
  14. Dave Ireland

    About to step on a snake ....

    Last year's trip to Florida saw me lose 2 pounds in my shorts .. after being advised by the ranger of the big 'gator on #8, I completely forgot and walked the waters's edge from a sloped fairway, as I'd seen the ball fall off it ... just saw the 2 eyes, crapped myself, clambered back up the...
  15. Dave Ireland

    Accenture coverage SUCKS ASS!!!!

    Well there was the little matter of the USPGA being a matchplay championship for nearly 40 years ........