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Recent content by Davebud

  1. Davebud

    House construction/repair advice needed

    I can't believe I am going to say this but almost everything Sling said is right.:laugh: The only thing to take into consideration further is the wiring, if you have knob and tube you might have a problem with a "wallblow" (high tech trade term for it, I have done dozens) if that is the case...
  2. Davebud

    Al Gore is an Idiot

    Rock I think it can be safely said the USA is moving in the right direction towads reduction of our emissions, while at the same time China is going the opposite direction. BTW Canada is the fourth worst offender per capita, and I am sure that Canucks are also moving in the right direction. Its...
  3. Davebud

    Favre Sportsman of year Sports Illustrated

    NOOOO, not someone else shooting at Coach Felony and his Boys, you better keep your head turning or the Coach will have you knocked off in a driveby. He has cameras on you and knows where you live. Yeah Brett's the man, no doubt about it.
  4. Davebud

    This Cheap Putter

    I got a cheap one now that found its way into my bag, and it has cut my putts, (well that and lots of practice) the worst part is I can't even tell you what brand it is. I know the brand, I just can't tell you, it would be inviting abuse from Warbird.:hunter:
  5. Davebud

    My Golf Experiment

    I am backing Tim here, I got 16-17 clubs that I like, dammit I am going to carry them, the reality is that most of them seem not to like me, but thats old hat for a married man.:laugh:
  6. Davebud

    Top 500 albums of alltime

    I have only ever owned 5 out of the top 100, and 1 of the top 25. My taste in Music is less mainstream than I thought.
  7. Davebud

    Free trial pack

    Thank you sir, clicked and on the way
  8. Davebud

    New dawn in IG's life

    Ditto that Goat, I will hit that round number then too, but on the plus side IG is the old man now, we are still in our 30's. Happy Birthday IG and remember (as much as you can at your age) to ask about senior discounts.:laugh:
  9. Davebud

    Three cheers for Sling!

    Oh you guys, you're all thuch thilly fellows Uh I mean yeah Man way to go on the fix, Sling you're the Man, uh Ya Man
  10. Davebud


    I think anyone who has paid the least attention to my prior posts knows I putt like a crack addict going through withdrawals, so I chose other, given that you didn't have that as an option.:laugh:
  11. Davebud

    Extremely easy to hit 3 wood?

    I agree with the part about the 4 wood being the easiest 3w to hit anyhow, not as sure about the Vsteel part, but your half right.:laugh:
  12. Davebud

    Help me stuff a ballot box

    you need alot of people to get on that, even with my vote you are 800 or so out of first, Good luck.
  13. Davebud


    Not really sure if this is a motto or a reflection of my game, but is "F... It" a motto?
  14. Davebud

    Do me a favor......

    :) It will be impossible to tell who I am over there, excepting the most astute observers. I will say that anything I add will be boat related more so than fishing.
  15. Davebud

    ShotTalk Golfers You'd Like to Play

    I am not sure how many people I could make it through 18 with on this forum, by about hole #6 there will have been 17 tips on how to improve my game and I am likely to bash the poor slob that makes the next suggestion on hole#7.:laugh: Just Kidding guys there are a bunch of very positive...