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Dogfish Head
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  • Huntsville is only an hour south from me, ever get up to Middle TN to play??? Also I'm loving the site and group, how can I pitch in and help???
    Hey again DH,
    I'm just going to assume you're not interested in my offer to mention Shottalk in my post.
    No problem
    I really enjoy being a member of this forum...you guys do a great job with it. Keep up the good work!!
    Dogfish Head
    Dogfish Head
    Sorry for lack of reply. I've been really busy. I don't think that is something I'd want to do. Good luck with the blog though!
    Hi DH...I own a web site called Gimme Golf. The URL is http://gimme-golf.com/
    I'm going to be publishing a post about the value/benefits of joining a golf forum. I have two questions:
    1. Would it be OK if I mentioned Shottalk in my post?
    2. Would you have any interest in displaying my web site in your side bar and I would do the same for Shottalk in mine?
    Boss, I can't post. The forum will not give me the diaplg box for quick reply or reply to a post. I also can't have a private conversation with anybody. I just won't give me a dialog box.
    Dogfish Head
    Dogfish Head
    Not sure what is going on. Everything looks good from my end. What browser are you using?
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