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Recent content by DouginGA

  1. DouginGA

    Tiger Woods car crash?

    doing nine different women makes me wonder when he had time to play golf. he aint in his twenties anymore.
  2. DouginGA

    Tiger Woods car crash?

    The world sure has changed. now the greatest golfer's wife tries to bean him with an iron. I long for the days when arnie was king, his wife kissed his balls for luck.
  3. DouginGA

    Set your clocks back tonight.

    This may be one of the last years of daylight savings time. all that daylight saved is adding to global warming. :)
  4. DouginGA

    Hit one left handed...

    Using a righty club to hit left handed seems quite a feat. Played with an older gentleman - 65+ - named harold I think up, a the VFW course in hartwell GA. Seems he has made several holes-in-one on a par three on the back nine. made playing both right handed and left.
  5. DouginGA

    The was worst day of my life

    my heart goes out to you lyle. trying to find the positive here at least your son has a caring and good father and mother. best of luck. doug
  6. DouginGA

    The Great Gun Debate

    Jim, Who but a government can pose a real threat to a free state?
  7. DouginGA

    Speed of play!

    entirely correct. But if they are climbing up your ass what is gained by being in front of them? let em thru and and then they can be possibly (and i say possibly) feel like idiots for pushing you and then have you waiting on them. and if then they dont feel like idiots, they are in fact...
  8. DouginGA

    Orange UK Phone Contract....

    I break phones on regular basis (in my pocket and i crawl thru a crawl space or under some equipment and ruin them). my solution is to buy the $14 "go phones" and just switch the sims.
  9. DouginGA

    Beware the injured golfer!

    thats the key isnt it? one shot at a time nice round
  10. DouginGA


    usps is ok, but should add a story here. went with my son to the p.o. as he had to send his GF the ipod she left here when visiting. clerk helped us get one of those priority mail boxes and helped stuff a few envelopes(sp?) in for padding. was pink ipod. a few days later she opens the box and...
  11. DouginGA

    New to this forum..

    Christian, I am a long ways out of high school, but if I could may I offer some advice? Just go out for it!! 1. There will no doubt be some golfers better than you, but your only a freshman. 2. if your on the team you will play a lot more, and the more you play the better you get. 3...
  12. DouginGA

    Personal advice requested--

    Had to laugh at that one :) left the first wife in arizona and went to chicago with everything i could pack in my mg midget. once you put the clubs in the midget it's about full.
  13. DouginGA

    Personal advice requested--

    Rock's question of "What schooling do you have/are working towards? " and what skills do you have need to be addressed first. Your young, do it! I have in the past. found myself once in scottsbluff nebraska about out of money and out of gas. found a job and stayed for a year and a half. if...
  14. DouginGA

    Lawnmower Recommendations

    A+ on the Honda. think the self propelled's are kinda iffy. seems the belts get off track a bit and with hard use usually are more problem than they worth. maybe one like Troy-Bilt at Lowe's: 160cc 21" Cut Self-Propelled Gas Push Mower or Troy-Bilt at Lowe's: 160cc Honda 21" Cut Gas Push...
  15. DouginGA

    why it's better not to have the honors

    hole in ones are all luck (not complaining i have one) FARK.com: Fark Video Player (4533903) Leif Olsen masse's a combo shot into a hole-in-one to win a BMW