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Recent content by Dufferpauly

  1. Dufferpauly

    Taylormade Driving Relief

    And plenty of bad golf....just like the rest of us
  2. Dufferpauly

    what did you shoot today?

    Wow, this skins nonsense event is being played at what appears to be a garbage muni
  3. Dufferpauly

    what did you shoot today?

    43-38 81, fisnishing hole 522 since I’ve been forced off work...36 more till I go back
  4. Dufferpauly

    Golf is dead - at least for the next few weeks

    Kern County in central California never closed...Ive been off work since 3/25 and am scheduled back May 18...Ive played 504 holes and have 72 to go...
  5. Dufferpauly

    Faldo says we should get rid of the tee

    I like tees..especially Martini tees...
  6. Dufferpauly

    what did you shoot today?

    Been off since 3/25...but golf never closed here...Ive played 504 holes since, and have 72 more set before I return to work May 18...
  7. Dufferpauly

    what did you shoot today?

    79...new Cleveland HB Turbo Launcher irons worth every penny...no longer than my cally XR...but straighter, higher, easier to hit...misses are very good
  8. Dufferpauly

    What did you buy today?

    I have just finished my 10th round with my new Cleveland HB Turbo Lauchers...without question the easiest clubs to hit up and straight!
  9. Dufferpauly

    Made an ACE today!

    Only ever had one...3/20/77...every March 20 I drink a bottle of champagne...notice the old school Blue Max!
  10. Dufferpauly

    2019 The US Open Discussion Thread

    Be great if he was playing Wilson Fat Shafts from Target, bag and putter included
  11. Dufferpauly

    2019 The US Open Discussion Thread

    Dull winner...
  12. Dufferpauly

    Is Tiger done?

    Pro golf is a snore without him
  13. Dufferpauly

    2018 Ryder Cup thread

    Horrible US performance
  14. Dufferpauly

    Let's see them handicaps

    Agree, something is off there...the whole handicap/slope/adjust system is garbage...just play...if you have regulars, just keep adjusting after 9...avoid club events with all the sandbaggers and cheaters