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Recent content by ecooke21

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    Awesome day today!

    thanks everyone... i finally feel like i am progressing in this game.. i can finally make a consistent swing...
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    Awesome day today!

    Had a great day golfing today. Got to swing my new Adams v3 forged/hybrid set, shot an all time low for me (94) and got my first eagle!! The eagle came on a 400yrd par 4. I hit my driver down the left hand side of the fairway(about 240-250)And then swung an easy 7i. I knew it was on the...
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    Cannot get my drive up in the air anymore!!! Why?

    i know this is an old topic, but feel the need to share... Sounds like the exact problem i had... low, hooking, high spin drives.. very frustrating.. i took a lesson and the instructor told me i was leaning to far forward during my down swing... he had me focus on keeping my weight to more of my...
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    Adams V3 19* 3 hybrid

    ive got a scotty coronado mid slant i will trade? needs work, i can send pics.. the head is currently separated from the shaft..;et me know asap!!!!
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    Cracked my fti, imix head yesterday

    I went to hit a couple of range balls before my round yesterday.. after a swing or two, i noticed my driver sounded weird...took a peek and noticed it cracked at the seam....i could almost tear the face right off with my hands.... dropped it off at the local golf shop..hopefully cally will...
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    Mother F!@#$ng thieves...

    Update: My neighbor was ****ing with me... I'll get him back... Story gets better though.. As were laughing about how i was panicking like a baby... We start talking golf, and he tells me he wants to start golfing.. After a few minutes of talking he tells me that two clubs were delivered to...
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    Mother F!@#$ng thieves...

    My clubs were stolen from my driveway........ Cocksucker!, I hope one of my neighbors is ****ing with me....if not, i'm screwed...
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    38 putts in 18 holes!

    Took last week off..Im hittin the range today for the first time since I played.. wish me luck....
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    38 putts in 18 holes!

    I agree, definitely room for a lot of improvement.. BUT, its still a good number or me.. I had two holes where I 4 putted (very fast/large greens) i had a bunch of 1-2 putts..
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    38 putts in 18 holes!

    probably my best putting day ever!....but one of my worst scores 111 for the day :( ...driver and irons were nonexistent.. #18 was the angriest I have ever been on a course in my life..... I really felt like giving up... I am gonna a take a week off, and start with a new pro/lessons the week...
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    Never quit - dedicated to meltdown sufferers

    I am at a low today myself. :(
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    Callaway FT-iQ Driver Tour

    interested in any trades? I got a scotty cameron coronado mid slant.. I will throw in some cash also
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    My Swing :(

    i am currently adding more vids to wide divot please critique
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    My Swing :(

    Well i just watched the first video taken of my swing.. Man i look horrible.. my backswing is WAYYYYY short.. but it doesnt feel like it? i feel if i turm more on my backswing i get all over the place (top, fat, etc) also looks like small, if any, rotation, shoulder turn.. any comments, help...
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    When to get new irons?

    I would recommend the Adams line of irons.. very forgiving, and come with some easy to hit hybrids.. i am selling a set of A2OS in the for sale section.. even if not interested in mine, check some out at your local golf store..