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Recent content by EHokie

  1. EHokie

    VR Pro 52*!

    Switch the shafts. How much life could the Taylormades have left in them anyway? All Nike VR irons and wedges are beautiful (the blades anyway). That's enough of a reason to abandon the zTPs :P
  2. EHokie

    ClubHouse Food?

    Is it out of line for me to mention that a forum is not the place for a blog? Just sayin'...
  3. EHokie

    "Hit a house"

    Buy a house on a course that only GOOD players are allowed to play...
  4. EHokie

    Goals in golf

    Those are the moments that keep us fools coming back for more ;)
  5. EHokie

    Iron lofts

    Works fine except for the aspect of the length of the clubs, which is gonna change swing plane and impact, divot, etc. If not for that, we might as well just grind down all our soles and replace 7's with 6's. This may work for some people, but thinking about just shifting my whole set up to...
  6. EHokie

    Thinking about dumping most of my gear.

    I just recently took everything except a backup hybrid and putter to Play It Again and traded it all. Granted, I got about 5 times less than selling it all myself, but with 10 times less effort. And I got a new driver and 3w (for when I DO play), and a $50 check. I realized the longer I sat on...
  7. EHokie

    help hitting with iron.

    Not bad for my first dabble into golf, or this forum, in a year and a half. Now to change my sig...
  8. EHokie

    help hitting with iron.

    My guess is that your clubhead is following and inside-to-outside path and the clubface is open to match it. That would be the only way I can see it would fly "straight" (without spin) towards the right. Realistically, you have already without one problem that hurts most beginners (I don't...
  9. EHokie

    Competitive golf is fantastic, until...

    Nah, high school golf match. We have mostly 9 hole matches, with a conference tourney at the end of the season. Found out today that my 38 was good for the outright low score of the 42 guys there. First time I've had that honor in my 2.5 high school seasons.
  10. EHokie

    Competitive golf is fantastic, until...

    ... you play 1 under par through 8 holes of a 9 hole match, then triple bogey the final hole due to a bad shot combined with the stupidity of course design that places a driving range on the side of one of the course's holes that allows ALL sliced balls off the range into the fairway (making any...
  11. EHokie

    A good cheap ball.

    Everyone go for the Mojos! Best ball EVER! Honestly, I'm almost trying to lose all the ones I have. D2 Feels are readily available, and only $15. That's almost unbeatable.
  12. EHokie

    Help, I have the SHANKS!

    Set your hands closer to your body at address. I've never really had the shanks, but I start hitting a LOT of balls off the heel when I set up to tensely with my hands far away from my body.
  13. EHokie

    Worst thing you have seen on the course?

    I've not seen many bad things on the course. My worst experience was being drilled on the back of my arm, just above the elbow, from a line drive hit no more than 50 feet behind me. Moron didn't even wait on me to get out of the way, after he's on shot 23 for the hole, and his "piss-around...
  14. EHokie

    i'll say it again

    I feel like the guy who prefers "Al's Tack-o-Rama Rubber" compound tires over the big fella' in the white suit... To each, his own... ball. Mojos and whatever I find work for me.
  15. EHokie

    Awoken, just now active. The personal findings of a lazy bear.

    Well, until yesterday I had played once in the last 3 or 4 months. Even that last time was a 2 hole playoff victory over SUX in a round where we both might have been closer to nailing a 6-point deer than the flagstick. As one would expect, I've been anxious about the reboot of high school golf...