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Recent content by Eracer

  1. Eracer

    Why is it?

    The cheaper the ball, the straighter the flight. They're designed that way.
  2. Eracer

    Got hit into

    Wow OP, you're right! Golfers ARE *******s!
  3. Eracer

    A fun week....

    Cobra Baffler Rail-H. My 4H is my go-to club from 180-185. My 3H is very good from 190-195. The 3H is amazing off the tee.
  4. Eracer

    WTF is wrong

    You have a wiener?
  5. Eracer

    Tiger Dumps Williams

    “My name should have been cleared immediately. It wasn’t and that’s what makes it even more disappointing what’s transpired." “I never really got pardoned from that scandal so the timing of it is extraordinary. You could say I’ve wasted two years of my life.” Sounds like a heapin' helpin' of...
  6. Eracer

    Good deal on a stone foot!

    Lots of people are incredibly stupid and gullible. eClark is not in that group.
  7. Eracer

    Tiger Dumps Williams

    He's blaming external things for his lack of self-confidence. An ego as big as his refuses to accept that the problems he's having on the golf course can only be solved by believing in himself once again.
  8. Eracer

    Need a new Carry Gun...

    Couldn't have explained it better myself.
  9. Eracer

    Darren Clarke - LEGEND

    Indeed, Stanters. And I can't wait for the next tournament over here that is postponed because of wind (2007 Verizon Heritage.)
  10. Eracer

    Darren Clarke - LEGEND

    There's nothing boring about shooting level par on that course in those conditions.
  11. Eracer

    Thinking about dumping most of my gear.

    Remember that scene in 'Empire Strikes Back,' when Luke goes into the forest on Degoba, and faces the Dark Side? Well, I took a little journey and made it back safe. Thanks for the welcome. Good to be back.
  12. Eracer

    MorningStar Golf Course

    I kept sending marriage proposals to Mila Kunis, but she told me she'd send the Marines after me if I kept it up. Who to stalk next?
  13. Eracer

    MorningStar Golf Course

    I'm sorry too, friend. Please do call next year.
  14. Eracer

    MorningStar Golf Course

    I thought the greens were in great condition, overall. Fast, but not slippery. Looked well-maintained. There were a few rough spots here and there, but nothing of any real concern.
  15. Eracer

    Need a new Carry Gun...

    I would look at the G38 (compact .45 GAP) I know it's another cartridge, but it's a fine cartridge, offering .45 ACP power in a compact design. Personally, I carry a Kahr PM45 (slim, 24 oz. stoked with 5+1 .45 ACP) and there is no Glock that can be pocket carried the way the Kahr can. But if...