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Recent content by Fitzpatrick

  1. Fitzpatrick

    what did you shoot today?

    Played University Ridge for the first time ever, and only my second round of the year (2 kids + 1 on the way = no golf time for Fitzpatrick). Shot 43-45 for an 88. Not too bad. Really like the course, but thought I might get carried away by the mosquitoes.
  2. Fitzpatrick

    Trail Cam Pics 2017

    I was up the weekend before last, and had a decent-sized doe come to a stop right about 40 yards from my blind. Stood there, broadside, long enough for me to get into a decent stance so I could get a shot at it. Go to draw the bow back and SNAP! just before it lets off. Arrow goes flying off...
  3. Fitzpatrick

    Volunteered for the 2017 US Open.

    Had my training on Saturday for the Disability Services committee that they assigned me to. Should be a fun week! I'm working Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday (Sunday morning, so I get to hang around and watch the rest of the final round). Won't know for sure what I'll be doing as part of this...
  4. Fitzpatrick

    Volunteered for the 2017 US Open.

    I did. Seems steep, but its access to the course for the whole week and the clothing would normally retail for around $350 on its own (shirt, jacket, and hat).
  5. Fitzpatrick

    Volunteered for the 2017 US Open.

    I got disabled services, so I may get to drive a cart around the course, transporting disabled people to and fro. I was hoping for caddy services, but I did get one of the 4 I signed up for. Paid my bill and just get to wait till next year!
  6. Fitzpatrick

    Adding to the family

    Thanks everyone! He's already doing better, but has a ways to go. Lungs are getting stronger, but getting a little jaundice so he's under the lights for a while now. But like Limp said, modern medicine is so good that so many kids come out of the NICU from being so much worse and live long and...
  7. Fitzpatrick

    Adding to the family

    I know I don't post a lot any more, mostly because I'm busy chasing a nearly-two-year-old around the house. So, since I was so busy with that, we decided that we'd add another kiddo to the family. Remington James (Remy) "Fitzpatrick" was born at 4:53am yesterday, 5lbs 14oz, 18 3/4" long. He's...
  8. Fitzpatrick

    Florida Trip

    Hey Clark, good to hear about your nephew! As for Florida, I just got back from a week in Madeira Beach (just south of Tampa/St. Petersburg). My dad and I took a half-day charter fishing trip, and came away catching over a dozen gray snapper (threw a few back; not much bigger than a bluegill)...
  9. Fitzpatrick

    Volunteered for the 2017 US Open.

    Got my email too! Should be a good time!
  10. Fitzpatrick

    Volunteered for the 2017 US Open.

    I signed up too. Chose practice areas, ball position, caddie services, and disabled services. We'll see, but it sounds like it'll be fun.
  11. Fitzpatrick

    So sad....

    I saw the news very early this morning, during a late-night/early-morning feeding with my daughter. Punch to the guts, for sure. RIP Stuart Scott. F*ck cancer.
  12. Fitzpatrick

    Plantar Fascitis

    I've been hit with it recently as I've been jogging more. Biggest thing my doctor told me to do was get fit with proper -fitting running shoes and to roll a frozen water bottle under my foot.
  13. Fitzpatrick

    This is seriously going to cut into my golf next summer...

    Our daughter, Cecilia Christine Yvonne, was born at 5:32pm yesterday! Weighing 7lb 9oz, and 20.5" long. Mom and baby are doing great! Thanks for all your support! Guess now I'll get some putting practice in wee hours of the morning.
  14. Fitzpatrick

    This is seriously going to cut into my golf next summer...

    Due date has come and gone, and still no kiddo. So now my wife is going to be induced on Wednesday this week. Fingers crossed, hope everything goes smoothly. Wonder if I can get a couple twilight rounds in before Wednesday?