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Recent content by h3king

  1. h3king

    Big Break favorites

    any way i can watch the full episodes on the internet?
  2. h3king

    My golf swing

    Video of my swing, the footage is bad it was taken on a cam phone. Also i was using the drving range driver. I put it out there i say at least 240 most likely more. YouTube - golf swing 2 If u see anything wrong tell me. I know it a crappy vid but can someone review my vid.
  3. h3king

    The putting Thread.

    Ok guys I would like to hear what you have to say about putting any tips, way to read greens, everthing. I heard that if there are mountains or water the slope of the green will natural slope in that direction some, even if the green is sloping in another direction also goes for water as well...
  4. h3king

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    I shot a 96 today, course rating 69.1 slope 118. I shot a 9 and a 8 on the 2nd and 5th. This guy rush me and i was pissed at him so that why i shot that 9. But I got 1 birdie and 4 pars. Could of shot better first time with that course and the greens were air rated so. Highlight of the day was...
  5. h3king

    Yahoo Handicap Tracker Group

    Just joined the yahoo handicap tracker group. I have a question I play on a course with 27 holes, but when you go and click on the course to be added it will say it has a course of 33.7 for 18. Example would be maple (9 holes) to pine (9 holes) and the course rating would be 33.7. should I just...
  6. h3king

    Great day on the course

    same here man, I was hitting the ball great to. My irons were so good. But my putting was bad. My score does not show it but I played well and had a good day. I shot 97 on a really good course. The best in my area. All be playing tommorow same place trying to get to at least 89. Shot 51 front 46...
  7. h3king

    Ok guys should I pull the trigger and buy this Driver?

    I'm kind of ticked atm I paid 246.99 for my good conditon preowned callaway and now there on sale for 216.99. I'm going to email them and tell them I want my 30 dollars back or they can just have this club back what luck. Used Callaway Golf Mens Right Hand FT-5 9° Driver - Stiff Flex Graphite...
  8. h3king

    IBM should be embarassed

    some much laggg this sucks!!!
  9. h3king

    The story of Clugnut's BS handicap

    I'm with you! BTW i'm from PA, by wilkes barre. Maybe we can play a round sometime this summer if you want.
  10. h3king

    The Car & Bike Thread

    Tommorow I will be getting a 2000 dodge neon, Not my first choice. I wanted to get a jeep wrangler but the gas and insurance would kill me. I was looking for 2 months for a car and i'm sick of not driving so I just picked this. It has 122k miles but runs and looks good. I just wanted something I...
  11. h3king

    Ok guys should I pull the trigger and buy this Driver?

    Yea, I hear that they are good. I really like that syle I might go with those. Im just going to shop around and see what I can get.
  12. h3king

    2008 Masters / coffee cup competition

    KJ Choi Ernie Els Garcia retief goosen
  13. h3king

    Ok guys should I pull the trigger and buy this Driver?

    Are those ben hogans blades, they look like it?
  14. h3king

    Ok guys should I pull the trigger and buy this Driver?

    well I went to the Callaway site and just purchased my new driver. :D This will be the first good club I have in my bag. Now im looking for a decent set of irons for around 250 or less any ideas guys. I think I want blades, sometimes with a nice feel.
  15. h3king

    Ok guys should I pull the trigger and buy this Driver?

    Is there ne way to tell its a fake?, there a few other's on auction all post the link to those and tell me what u think. MINT CALLAWAY FT-3 TOUR 9.5 DIAMANA 63 STIFF DRAW FT-5 - eBay (item 190212560184 end time Apr-12-08 13:01:31 PDT) NEW CALLAWAY FT-5 TOUR RIGHT HAND STIFF FLEX 9.5 DRAW -...