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Recent content by hypergolf

  1. hypergolf

    GEL putter

    I am looking for a putter that gives better forward roll with grooves in them. I know there are YES!, Taylormade AGSI+, and Rife putters. Just wanted to know if anyone tried the Gel putters and how they roll the ball on the green. Thanks.
  2. hypergolf

    Ping i10 or S58 with Tour Concept

    Anyone tried these iron head and shaft combo? Could you please give a short review? Thank you.
  3. hypergolf

    I may be in trouble

    I have a strong feeling that your wallet is going to get lighter... ^_________^
  4. hypergolf


    I hear S57 will be released soon... and then the new Rapture... Any new putters or wedges in the pipeline?
  5. hypergolf


    Haha... Bingo!!! I went to change the driver then ended up changing the whole woods as well. Got rid of my 907D2, 906F2 and 585H. My score has improved drastically ever since. G10 driver and fairway woods are very long and accurate. It's either the Ping woods that improved my score or my swing...
  6. hypergolf


    Don't get fitted for a new G10 driver! You will then get fitted for a 3 wood then maybe even a 5 wood... If not a hybrid... You will end up changing the whole set to Ping! I can then imagine what your wife will say... hehe.
  7. hypergolf

    Going to 13 clubs limit...

    This is a follow up post to the 15 clubs limit post. Some people mentioned that USGA is not interested in making the game easier. If so do you think they will bring down the current 14 clubs limit to 13? Again this is fictional so please don't take it too seriously. If so, which club would you...
  8. hypergolf

    Going to 15 clubs limit...

    Now that companies have mostly maxed out on the technology part in the clubs, the next best way to sell more clubs is to bring the current 14 club limit up to 15... This is just a fictional scenario so don't get too worked over it, but do you think the USGA will consider this to ever happen? If...
  9. hypergolf

    Should a beginner start with a regular or stiff flex?

    Go with R flex. When you improve, you will be upgrading anyway.
  10. hypergolf

    Iron set - Need opinion

    How about a full set of fitted Ping G5?
  11. hypergolf

    Ping Putters

    Cool! Thanks a bunch!
  12. hypergolf

    Ping Putters

    Indonesia. South of Malaysia and Singapore. Far far away from US and Canada... hehehe....
  13. hypergolf

    Your height, your putter length and lie angle

    Hi just wanted to post this out of curiousity. How tall are you? And what is your putter length and lie angle? I am 5'9" and use 33.5" putter with 70* lie angle.
  14. hypergolf

    Ping Putters

    Hehe... I would if I lived in the US. Maybe I will email them.
  15. hypergolf

    Ping Putters

    Is your Redwood Anser a black dot? If you do ever get a chance, could you check out the exact lie angle on your putter please? Thanks.