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  • Ok Rory, whats a good time to call? I'm up now obviously, but have no idea what time it is whereever you are? Lol.

    Mark Sr./mddubya
    Rory, Since the shaft is being delivered to you today instead of me, I will send off the club to you today by USPS, and you can put it together and return it. I'll send the grip I want on it also. Make it the same length as the shaft that's in it.........standard 45 1/2" I do believe. Return it by UPS if you would. Thanks, George (sssmokin)
    Please do not leave this forum, I have always found your posts informative and well written, You have much more knowledge then 99% of the people here and I woud miss you contiibutions. I know you would be more then welcome on another forun I also go to one called the cut line If you really feel the need to leave this forum please go there so I can still see your posts. Don't let the morons win. And a big :thumbs up: to you for being a stand up guy
    Hi Indacup

    I'm back online! How do I go about redeeming the $100 voucher?


    Hi Indacup

    Thanks, it was a magnificent victory! Anyway, will be ordering a sweatshirt and t-shirt from your fabulous shop, will need to leave a bit for delivery to blighty though!

    I hope you are ok in the floods btw!

    Just let me know how I go about placing an order, cheers, Dave
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