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  • Go ahead and post this as a review. Excellent stuff. I am going to see the Miuras. Curently have a set of R7 TPs. Easy to hit but they go a bit high. Will continue the search. Keep well.
    Fitting session:

    I hit Mizzy, KZG, Scratch and Nakashima and found the right shaft and left having ordered a set of KZGs. However 15 mins into the journey home something began to bug me, I couldn't get the Scratch's out of my mind. They felt the best, performed the best and pretty much looked the best (not that that was my main issue) but it was only the price that made me go for the KZGs. I pulled over and changed the order.

    5 weeks in and I have no regrets. Feel is up there with Miura (easily) and have more forgiveness. I just love them.

    To summarise the Scratch EZ-1s - they are a pretty slim cavity backed iron with a slender top line but heaps of forgiveness. They are very very soft feeling and feel like an instrument in your hands. Brilliantly made and subtle in appearance, I can't think of a better iron I've hit.

    Not cheap obiously but my God, they are a proper club.

    OK well that's about it, hope you are in shape for springtime. All the best

    Hi i am new to the forum but I really like you posts....I am planning a trip to Ireland and Scotland with some friends and my father...I am wondering what courses you recommend. We are all pretty good golfers and want to play the best out there. We want to play 7 different courses while there...anything will help...i appreciate your time!!!
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