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Recent content by JArmour

  1. JArmour

    Any Softball players?

    Re: Any Slow Pitch players? Seriously don't get a wooden softball bat. If the bat you bought is expensive it's probably end weighted. Go to a store and ask for a evenly distributed weight bat. Much better, more like a baseball bat and it will make playing slow pitch softball a little less...
  2. JArmour

    TaylorMade SuperTri

    Hit the supertri today and hated the sound. Results were ok but it did have the stock trash 60gm shaft. I asked if I could put my oban in it and try and the rep would not let me.
  3. JArmour

    Byron Morgan DH 89 Oil Can

  4. JArmour

    Byron Morgan DH 89 Oil Can

    This putter is immaculate just got it from Byron used it for one session on the green. A few more indoor on the boomerang system and it's just not for me. Rincon neck, 350g 34", white mid-size iomic with two extra wraps-still in plastic. Oil on left bumper Piers on right bumper and a...
  5. JArmour

    I had an itch....

    Wow, those are pretty sick.
  6. JArmour


    ORANGE! That's pretty awesome. Don't really know if it would fit my swing but it would match my Tennessee bag and head covers perfectly.
  7. JArmour

    Taylormade TP 4 Hybrid

  8. JArmour

    Walking away.... for now.

    Jon, just make sure you start playing by next spring because we still have to get a round in. :)
  9. JArmour

    Matrix Ozik HD-6 & R9 Outing...

    Nice write up. I'm still loving the Oban, hopefully when I get finished with school I'll grab a few shafts to try out.
  10. JArmour

    Taylormade TP 4 Hybrid

    Pics finally. Sorry for the delay. Also have a Graff Pro Launch with Axis Blue 60-S brand new only has tip prepped, never installed. $40 shipped.
  11. JArmour

    New bag pictures

    Hahaha I guess we'll have to wait until after the UGA game to talk smack. Flo, seriously? UK hasn't beaten us in what 29 years.
  12. JArmour

    Taylormade TP 4 Hybrid

    Has a Graff comp nt reg flex shaft. With headcover $65 shipped. I'll post pics tomorrow.
  13. JArmour

    My "No-No Anniversary" is today...

    Um........ I am a huge O's fan and I was at that game and the game the night before that we beat the sox. Stayed at the Westin and had sick seats right behind the visitors (O's) dugout for both games. Great stadium but hate the team. :)
  14. JArmour

    All you weapons and ammo guys

    Only thing I've sold is a 1940's luger. Got some really nice coin for that one. :)
  15. JArmour

    All you weapons and ammo guys

    Got a ton of primers. Here is the list I made up. I didn't inventory the primers what do they normally go for. I have someone coming to the house Saturday to make an offer on a package. Ammo: All rounds are reloaded I’m pretty sure. The luger rounds don’t say they are on the box...