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  • Thanks for the response. I am looking at the Nike VR blads, Titleist ZM blades, and Titleist AP2. I love the look of the Nike's and the feel. Have not been able to try the Titleist ZM blades yet. I could not really tell a difference between the Nike VR and AP2. The Nike's felt softer on impact. Any suggestions on finding the right club?
    I have been playing with the VR irons since the start of the season. I have been very happy with the irons, and the wedges have grown on me since then. I loved the look of the blade, with a very square heel and clean lines on the top. I have had no problems with the lie angles or feel of the clubs. I did find that they launch the ball a bit higher then the first version of blades from Nike, but I can control the trajectory when I need to.
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