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Recent content by Lil_Huth

  1. Lil_Huth

    To you folks who sell on Ebay

    you dont carry a 6-Any type of wedge?
  2. Lil_Huth

    I might actually play golf...

    Well I usually only wait til the 3rd but to each his own. :rolleyes:
  3. Lil_Huth

    Claire's cheating on us

    Wait this confused me, if it is WBL being her then he will be a man so I would have interest according to you. Or are you trying say that WBL is more of the woman out of the two of them, which I can't argue against. Just trying to clear things up here. Also no Claire, don't worry. It just so...
  4. Lil_Huth

    Claire's cheating on us

    Yeh Im loyal to ST, I want a silver star though. That gold star looks a bit cheap. :deadhorse: <----Can anyone explain the point of this smiley?
  5. Lil_Huth

    Wie to Q-school

    How dare you question Harry :ugly25:
  6. Lil_Huth

    I Want That!

    Lol that belt may be even too far fetched for the golf course. Wait no I have a white leather belt with rainbow studs that I wear in High School tournaments. I was once asked to remove it because it was distracting the player from the other team lol.:beach3:
  7. Lil_Huth

    The Pingeth Arriveth!

    Ive never been a fan of the Ping Drivers but I would like a review also. Think it's about time to increase the text size of the driver in your sig Limp :smilie_tm
  8. Lil_Huth

    Fall golf

    Yep it was around 50* or so here in PA today, went out and golfed 9 holes. Had to get out and try the new 695s, what sweet ass clubs btw. But yeh only problem now will start to be the leaves and junk on the course. Along with hunting season of course.
  9. Lil_Huth

    Can't Hit my Driver

    You have a kitchen in your office? Thats pretty bad ass if its a personal office lol.
  10. Lil_Huth

    Parking it.....

    Where do you live that you started hunting 2 months ago? Unless you are talking about more than big game.
  11. Lil_Huth

    So who here likes the Titleist 695 CBs

    Actually I just got them today, all I can say is damn. These are definitely some very sweet clubs. I hit about 10 junk balls out in my yard with the 6 iron (have a farm field across from me) and they feel absolutely fantastic. The address position is absolutely perfect aswell, only thing I...
  12. Lil_Huth

    So who here likes the Titleist 695 CBs

    I just ordered a set of them along with some dual compound sharpro grips for on them and I believe I will like them. You see I am the kind of person that buys clubs without trying them, even with drivers and putters, and then decides what to do after I buy them. Felt it was finally time to...
  13. Lil_Huth

    College Golf

    Yep it is all based on what colleges you look at and what you want to do with golf in life. I just want to play golf in college so I am going to be playing golf for a D-3 school, I have been talking to the coaches. It is true, D-3 their guys in the 3-5 slots shoot around 85 or so for 18 holes...
  14. Lil_Huth

    Setting up to take lessons...need advice.

    In all honesty I say give up the one round of golf and try this guy out. It is true that Dicks hires PGA certified employees to work in the golf department. The dicks around me actually advertises his lesson services but takes no money from what he makes, he teaches through a golf course. But...
  15. Lil_Huth

    Taylormade Irons

    Even if you are of hacker status atm I wouldn't go with the CGB. I would say the tour burners because I have hit them and would not in any way say they are hard to hit, also not a shovel on the end of a stick.