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Recent content by lilhellmaker17

  1. lilhellmaker17

    Golfsmith = golf heaven?

    Moorestown, NJ. Morristown is the one way up North. I live about 10 minutes from both GG and GS, i find GS used selection awesome, but their prices are TERRIBLE. I never go to GS unless I am forced, GG is 10x better. Jaden
  2. lilhellmaker17

    FS: Callaway FT 3H w/Matrix XCON 8hb stiff

    Re: FS: Callaway FT 3H w/Matrix XCON HM2 stiff I have a diablo 5 wood in like brand new condition.
  3. lilhellmaker17

    PGA Championship / coffe cup challenge

    Steve Stricker Kenny Perry Ian Poulter David Toms
  4. lilhellmaker17

    So going back to Myrtle.....

    Oyster Bay is fun.
  5. lilhellmaker17

    Coke Reward Points

    Does anyone have any mycokerewards.com codes they would like to donate if they are not using? It would be very appreciated. -Jaden
  6. lilhellmaker17

    Need Laptop Recommendations

    Macbook, Apple without a doubt has the best user friendly laptops.
  7. lilhellmaker17

    Sausage Biscuit goodness

    Bacon and Cheese on a Sesame Bagel. No egg...whose ever idea it was to put egg on a breakfast sandwich should be shot. and Breakfast Shakes = Hippie Juice....should have stayed in the 60s.
  8. lilhellmaker17

    WTT: Stuff for Balls/Putter

    Sorry for not updating the thread, but the J33s and X-100s are GONE Jaden
  9. lilhellmaker17

    The Open coffee cup challenge

    Ian Poulter Lee Westwood 7 Hunter Mahan Sean O' Hair
  10. lilhellmaker17

    WTT: Stuff for Balls/Putter

    Since they are only 3-9 i'd say 40 shipped? If you want it, I'll throw in the s300 sensicore PW shaft. Jaden
  11. lilhellmaker17

    WTT: Stuff for Balls/Putter

    Yes. They have a cheap, knockoff tour velvet on them though, came with when I bought them. Jaden
  12. lilhellmaker17

    WTT: Stuff for Balls/Putter

    Really anything other than Nike One platinums...hate those balls. Jaden
  13. lilhellmaker17

    WTT: Stuff for Balls/Putter

    I have a some stuff I want to trade for some balls and/or a putter...odyssey to anything. Looking to trade or sell the following items: Callaway Diablo 18*N Wood - Stock Shaft, used for about 4-5 rounds - 9/10 - 110 shipped Bridgetone J33 Combo iron heads 3-PW, used for two seasons, low irons...
  14. lilhellmaker17

    My driver decision... made for me

    get an Adams A4. You haven't had one of those yet and you can get them for peanuts.
  15. lilhellmaker17

    Money is no object, you can buy any car/truck....but....

    SL65 AMG Black Series? For me...a Rolls Royce drophead coupe in Blue/Silver 2 tone or a White out Phantom...for the long drives...a custom Airbus A380.