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  • Hey, want to ease up a bit? I just joined this site, and already you're not being polite to me. That's starting a bad reputation for yourself. I said the worst thing Tiger has said this year was "dammit", you told be you bet you could find a video on YouTube of him "throwing clubs or cursing", and you show a video where he says "dammit", which is what I just said. I don't care if you don't like Tiger, but the inappropriate comments like "douchbag" are not acceptable.
    so im reading up on project x's and i see this lyle g post, read the bag sig, yup i clean those, i was pretty excited about this seeing the odds of me ending up on this site on that thread

    I have a tracking number this time. Let me find it, and see what it says. I will write you back in a couple of hours.
    Hi mate

    any news your end? still no sign, I think this is the ninth week, so i think it may be time to give up again

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