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  • Got my eyes on a set of x forged 09 irons mate. Shafts are PX 5.5 Have you hit any irons with that shaft. What time did you say Saturday afternoon, I've lost all my messages on here
    Paul, so what we going to do about the L5 / L4V swap deal? You want the Pype I have in it right now? Tipped 1/2" playing 44.5".
    Now then

    I will get my lad off to school and set off about 8.3, so is a 10.30 tee-time good? I need a postcode to find my way there.

    I have just shafted the wedges myself, so the bag is complete except the new shaft in the 3 wood, so my excuses are now limited to lack of practice with a new bag!
    Now then

    I fancy hitting one of your X100s back to back with my X100 tours, will be an interesting comparison. The only club I have anywhere near standard is the 7 iron, should be the same as yours at 36.75

    you coming over week after next? I'm off all that week and can meet up

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