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Recent content by MarkFed

  1. MarkFed


    Hey JPC...Kinda hard to say exactly why you're hitting a big fade from just a photo. Just looking at the photo, I actually think your hips are in great position in that picture if you were at impact. I agree with TT that it looks like you're "sliding" along with turning. Your hips should slide...
  2. MarkFed

    Travelling again - S'now joke!

    Do you know when in the summer you're going to be back? If we both could swing it, maybe we could hook up for a round?
  3. MarkFed

    Travelling again - S'now joke!

    Yeah, the roads are fine:)
  4. MarkFed

    Travelling again - S'now joke!

    I'm about an hour from Boston. Doesn't look like much is happening next week except the cold. If it was summer, I'd meet you somewhere for golf...but it's not, and I'm hibernating :)
  5. MarkFed

    PGA Merchandise Show and Historical Photo Gallery

    I attended that show 2 or 3 times. Really cool, but an absolute zoo!!
  6. MarkFed

    Journey to scratch

    Hi Junhis, Welcome and good luck! That is a lofty goal, but if you're a 4 now, and you have the time that it's going to take to put into your game to shave off those last few strokes, it can be done. If you do have the time, put together a practice schedule i.e. Mon. 3-5 foot putts - 45 min...
  7. MarkFed

    Hi from Australia

  8. MarkFed

    Club throwing tales

  9. MarkFed

    Club throwing tales

    Check this out
  10. MarkFed

    Covering your club when in play?

    I also make sure the grooves are clean for each shot and carry a brush on my bag. Most of the time, I walk using a push cart, so the head covers go on and off for each shot. When I ride, the head cover comes off the driver on 1 and goes back on 18. I take it off and put it on for my 3 wood...
  11. MarkFed

    In other news...

    Congrats!! That's awesome! You're right about how time flies. My daughter (only kid) is in the middle of her 2nd year of college, and it seems like just the other day we put a basket on the kitchen table with her in it when we got home from the hospital (wondering..."what the hell do we do now"...
  12. MarkFed

    Face control

    IDK, I think I'd prefer anywhere where it's warm. Around here, when it's 12 degrees with 20 mph winds (like today), I'd kill for a 90 degree day with high humidity. I can't ever remember, when it's been hot and humid, ever thinking "I wish it was 12 degrees and windy" :)
  13. MarkFed

    Face control

    LOL...I would, but I just saw the weather in Illinois on the Weather Channel. We should just both move Arizona and be Greg's golfin' buddy:)
  14. MarkFed

    Face control

    Hi extremeVFT03...been busy through the holidays and haven't been on much. I was trying to catch up, saw this thread and thought I'd throw my 2 cents in (thanks for the plug TP and AG :)). I'm going to assume on the video from behind, the camera is looking down your target line (directly over...
  15. MarkFed

    Happy New Years!!!

    Happy New Year everyone! It's been fun getting to know you guys and can't wait to get another season started. My goals for 2014: 1. Would love to break 70 again (only done it twice in my life...it was an awesome feeling:)) 2. Win the Governor's Cup at my club (only "major" I haven't won) 3...