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Recent content by Matthew_22

  1. Matthew_22

    Owning a golf store???

    Here's my 2 cents: Starting any sort of business is HARD. You really have to give your life up for a few years before everything is running smoothly. Plus, if you think you are going to get more time to play golf, you'll most likely be working on your shop for more hours than you would a...
  2. Matthew_22

    An interesting experiment

    I just used this method a few days ago and had pretty good results. Now I am just happy to consistently break 100, so I decided to treat all bogeys as pars. (4 shots for par 3 etc) I left the driver in the bag and only used the 3-wood from the tees, only swinging at about 60%. It turned out...
  3. Matthew_22

    An interesting experiment

    Wow, that plan is great! I'm going to have to make one similar to that up for myself. You see every single course or article about setting goals always says to set performance goals, not achievement goals, and it wasn't until I read your post Eracer that I really understood how to apply this...
  4. Matthew_22

    The Phone Call...

    Yawn... where I live in Australia, our winters are about 80F, and our summer temps get above 110F Now who's whining? Oh yeah Bravo, too bad about that phone call. Funny how you are more worried about those last two holes than about your $1500 air-con.:)
  5. Matthew_22

    Poll: How did you find Shot talk?

    I actually found out about ShotTalk on www.ask.com It doesn't deliver quite as many results as google, but gets rid of a lot of the junk.
  6. Matthew_22

    Awful Putting

    Putting is one of those things that requires feel and a relaxed approach, and the more you start worrying about it, the more your nerves and doubts interfere with the stroke. When you read the breaks, did you double/triple/quadruple check? Usually your first reading is correct, so I'd try just...
  7. Matthew_22

    "How sweet it is"? (extra credit for knowing the source of the quote)

    Definitely being able to hit the sweet spot consistently will help your game A LOT. I most comonnly hit the sweetspot when I slow my swing down, and the ball actually travels further than if I tried to smash it. Plus there's few better feelings than getting the ball to ricochet off the club...
  8. Matthew_22

    Cancelled: Golf shot around the world.

    OMG, 8 kilometres per second! That's faster than most bullets. And talk about the longest drive in the world... travelling right around the earth over the course of 4 years. If my calculations are correct, that means the total theoretical distance the ball would travel would be about...
  9. Matthew_22

    riddle me this

    I also think that it may have something to do with you eliminating certain movements. As in you may be stiffening up and punching the ball, which wouldn't use as much rotational movements or weight transfers. This is probably why you are more consistent when you stop your follow through. I...
  10. Matthew_22

    golf book

    I haven't actually used it, but David Leadbetter's DVD package looks like one of the most complete sets around. The site is at http://www.leadbetterinteractive.com/
  11. Matthew_22

    Moral dilemma?

    My auntie and cousins have all of a sudden got right into ebay, and have made a couple of hundred dollars profit with just a few sales. I don't think it would be immoral to sell these clubs for profit, it is just a matter of whether you know what your are doing and are willing to put in a bit...
  12. Matthew_22

    Approach Shots

    I am a 22 handicapper, and I guess I aim for the middle of the green. I do try to get it close to the pin, but really, I'm just happy to get the ball on the green. I guess by aiming for the exact middle, then if I have a bit more room for error in all directions.
  13. Matthew_22

    Golf and me

    Ha, that was a weird analogy, but I still think I get it. So what is the problem exactly, or are you going through one of those phases where everything is the problem?
  14. Matthew_22

    Boomerang Putting System

    It looks interesting. Personally though wouldn't buy, as I would only use it as a game. I think while it may help with getting your stroke consistent, it neglects issues like break and type of grass, things which can only be learned with practice on a real green. Still, hope it helps with...
  15. Matthew_22

    What Age Did You Begin Playing Golf?

    My dad first took me out to the course for a few hits when I was about 7, but I can't remember it very well. I first started playing properly with my father when I was about 13, then a few years later started playing comps in the junior division. I don't play comps any more, I just enjoy going...