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Recent content by MattyB

  1. MattyB

    what did you shoot today?

    Nope. Just sheep.
  2. MattyB

    what did you shoot today?

    38/40, 6 over at a different course. Haven't broken 80 at this course so was good to do so. Didn't drive or putt very well. Pretty pleased considering I didn't feel like I played too well. Playing in my local club haggle tomorrow. Got 3rd of 17 on Sunday, hoping to better that tomorrow.
  3. MattyB

    Winter Projects??

    The Oompa-Loompa? But in all seriousness, damn fine job that one.
  4. MattyB

    what did you shoot today?

    Funny thing is, ever since changing from my old course (par 68, easier course rating (Kaitake in the pic above)) to the new course (par 72, harder course rating in above pic) the handicap is plummeting, something I've never been able to do even despite playing, technically, at a harder course...
  5. MattyB

    what did you shoot today?

    Had another round yesterday. 38/36, 2 over, and was thanks to a pulled drive resulting in a double. Only drive all day that went awol. But I can live with that. Had another eagle chance in 18, and lipped out once again lol. New handicap rankings happen soon and I'm dropping from 7.6 to 5.6. A...
  6. MattyB

    what did you shoot today?

    38/39 yesterday. Same course. Putting was a letdown, nearly eagled the 18th again, in proper fashion this time. No tail wind, pulled my driver left rough, faded 3 wood, hit the upslope, popped onto the first tier of the green, 8ft from the hole. Sent the putt half an inch high. Oh we'll, playing...
  7. MattyB

    what did you shoot today?

    Exactly. But anyway, it was a 260m drive down the middle, 160m left, playing a big up hill and a 2 tier green. Thought I'd smoke a 6iron and land in on the second tier. The shot in my mind was flawless. Execution, skulled/thinned it straight left but had a nice fade on it, skidded off the front...
  8. MattyB

    what did you shoot today?

    Yeah didn't describe that eagle because it wasn't pretty haha.
  9. MattyB

    what did you shoot today?

    Probably had my most complete round of my short career today. Shot a 1 over 73. 8/14 fairways, 14/18 greens. Putting was a bit awol but wasn't using my normal putter. But still had a lot of long range birdie attempts. Hitting so many greens like never before though. Was such a good feeling. Am...
  10. MattyB

    what did you shoot today?

    Well guys long time no post. Been playing quite a bit lately, and feel like I'm hitting my stride in bringing my handicap down. Was 8.8 about 2 months ago, now sitting at 7.6, will be dropping to a 7.1 next update :) Have settled on my set going forward. No more tinkering and buying/swapping...
  11. MattyB

    Ebay Strategy Question?

    I listed a set of Project X shafts (new grips and all) on the NZ version of eBay, started $1 reserve hoping to gain interest. Ended it at 7.10pm Monday night... Had 45 watchers... Waited for that all important bidding war. SOLD!!!! $3.50 for the lot! Lol. Guy felt bad picking them up, he paid...
  12. MattyB

    Mizuno iron questions

    If I didn't have such a desire to play Wilson Staff everything, I'd go back to the JPX 800 pro irons. Pure butter melting magic sticks those were. But alas, id recommend you buy the Wilson Staff FG Tour v4 irons.
  13. MattyB

    What did you buy today?

    Bought a WiFi extender today. Having coverage all over the house now is such a relief lol.
  14. MattyB

    what did you shoot today?

    Long time no see fellas. With cricket season kicking off, golf is hard to come by. Made time today, knocked off early and hit the good local course where my brother is a member, so got half price rates as he knew the guy behind the desk lol. My goal this year was to break 80 at this course...
  15. MattyB

    Rugby World Cup

    All in here somewhere The Original All Blacks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia