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Recent content by MIKE1218

  1. MIKE1218

    Whats your carry gun?

    Glock 19. Waiting for a single stack glock 9mm...
  2. MIKE1218

    Do I bring the clubs?

    I live in the great white north - snow belt in the UP. We have experienced a good deal more snow than in recent years. This past weekend I visited my parents, where my clubs are stored. I debated long and hard whether to bring them with when I went home. Its been warm lately and hadn't snowed -...
  3. MIKE1218

    The Great Gun Debate

    My point is that Aurora CO was a gun free zone... You implied that it was not. It does not matter why he chose that theater or that the articles I linked are opinion. I just grabbed two independent articles that both state the theater was gun free. If i wanted to argue the significance of gun...
  4. MIKE1218

    The Great Gun Debate

    This is false. It is believed that the particular theater was chosen because it is the only one that was a GUN FREE ZONE. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/09/10/did-colorado-shooter-single-out-cinemark-theater/ http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/335739/facts-about-mass-shootings-john-fund
  5. MIKE1218

    Ready to play...

    Strangely I really am feeling the itch to get out and play. Last year at this time I wasn't feeling it - I believe the number of rounds I've played in the last 4 years is 12-15... The snow is only waist deep now so I'll be out there soon (July).
  6. MIKE1218

    Third Annual June Wisconsin ShotTalk Outing!

    Hey man, you got some ants on you...
  7. MIKE1218

    This or That...

    Second one... Robert Crais fans - Elvis Cole or Joe Pike?
  8. MIKE1218

    This or That...

    semiconductor Wind or Solar Power?
  9. MIKE1218

    Most challenging hole

    What is the most challenging hole you have ever played? What makes it challenging? What is the most challenging hole you play regularly? The ninth hole at my course is just under 400 yards par 4. The tee is level with the fairway, but a deep valley comprises the first 200 yards or so. You...
  10. MIKE1218

    This or That...

    Android... Samsung or Motorola?
  11. MIKE1218

    Third Annual June Wisconsin ShotTalk Outing!

    I'll be a strong maybe for this one. I've enjoyed all the WI outings a lot - there is really a great group of guys here. Our legendary outings attract from as far as California! I'm in the job search right now and honestly have NO IDEA where I will end up yet or what I will be doing in June...
  12. MIKE1218

    The Great Gun Debate

    I received an email from shottalk recently and thought i'd take a peek to see what's been going on. I haven't posted or even looked at the site in a long time - saw this thread and dived right in. Good to see zaphod posting, haven't seen you in a long time! I wish I had seen this earlier! I...
  13. MIKE1218

    Lost some dough, won some beers

    I had one of the most entertaining rounds of my life on saturday. My buddy and I met in the Great White North to take on the town and play some golf. We went to the worst course in the world, which is one of my favorites. There is no fairway, no rough. Just"first cut" as far as the ball flies...
  14. MIKE1218

    Rocketballz, and **** ME!! (not directly related)

    You need rocketballz. Do not delay.
  15. MIKE1218

    Golf is Awesome!

    Great video man