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Recent content by monzter

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    What is the biggest flaw in your golf game?????

    Tee box....I'm a hacker, have been playing for about 3 years now and was down to a low 90's when playing once a week last year. Now that I get out only once or twice a month, getting off the tee is my biggest problem. I can shoot 95-105 if the driver is in the bag, but will always score 90-95...
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    1st Eagle today!.

    Congrats, must be a great feeling.
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    My good friend and playing partner was playing in the Cindy Cusano Pro-Am tourney this past Friday and nailed a hole in 1 on a 185yd par 3!! His first ever. And the kicker....He didn't even see it go in cuz he turned around after hitting his 4 iron and was talking smack to the LPGA pro he...
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    Anyone working out?

    I lift about 3-4 times a week now. My brother-in-law got me back into the gym after an 8 year layoff and I was at soft 260lbs. I'm at a "less soft" 235lbs now (goal is 215) but have put on a bit of muscle. Was doing heavier training up until 6 months ago (squat 375lbs, bench 355lbs), but...
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    Finally in the 90's!!

    Well, I played my first full round leaving the driver in the bag the entire round and I shot a 95 :) Played my new 3w off the tee on all the Par 4's and 5's and only had 2 tee shots out of bounds (first time I used it on 2 and on the last hole). Went back 2 days later using the driver again...
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    Finally in the 90's!!

    It's no coincidence that i'm hovering b/w 98 - 104 my last 6 rounds now since I started leaving the driver in the bag more often and using my 4i off the tee. I just picked up my first 3w, Maltby CT 250 15* with a Graphite Design Purple Ice 85g stiff shaft (thanks BigJim), and can't wait to...
  7. M

    Finally in the 90's!!

    Makes sense. I will shave AT LEAST 6-8 shots off my score when I get straight off the tee. Not counting the 6-7 penalty strokes, I often end up deep in the rough, where I have to punch out with my 2nd shot in order to get a clean 3rd shot option. This costs me another 2-3 strokes per round...
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    Finally in the 90's!!

    Thanks for the kind words. I have definitely got the "bug" :) My playing partner regularly shoots in the low 80's and has really helped me along. I've played almost every weekend since mid June and try to make it out to the range once a week or so. I'm at that stage now where I want to take...
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    Finally in the 90's!!

    Starting playing about 6 months ago and have steadily seen my scores drop from the 130's/120's/110's until about 2 months ago where I had been stuck in the high 100's. Right about that time I dumped my mixed bag of x-18/x-20 irons for the MP-30's i'm playing now. I realize that I'm nowhere...
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    Maltby 3W

    check your PM :)
  11. M

    Sad day for readers

    bummer, heard the news this morning...really enjoyed his books.
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    Broke 100!

    Way to go...gives us new golfers some hope. Can't wait till I can post on here that i've broken 100.
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    9 iron & putter experiment.

    Nice job...Results like those are not too uncommon from what I hear. Gonna have to try it someday.
  14. M

    Whew! What A Day!!!!

  15. M

    1'st par

    congrats man, the first one is the hardest. Keep em coming.