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Recent content by obagain

  1. obagain


    We install more accra shafts than anything else. I think the fuji is more consistant but more people buy accra.
  2. obagain

    Anyone going to the PGA Merchandise Show?

    I will be there but only friday night and saturday. I am booked with meeting the whole time though, imagine being that close to disney and not be able to go there. I have been going for the last 6 years so I know what I have to do and so I get in and get out quick.
  3. obagain

    Tour Issue Cleveland set

    I thought these were gone but I never got the MO so they are available again.
  4. obagain

    Tour Issue Cleveland set

    Don't be shy on making an offer.
  5. obagain

    Tour clubs

    Ryan Palmer get a set and brings it in to have us bend them the way he wants and we don't see him again. JJ Henry carries 50 putter with him last year but doesn't change the rest. Mark Brooks will change at the drop of a hat. If they would let him bend them on the course he would. They are all...
  6. obagain

    Question ablut Precept Laddie Xtreme Balls?

    The mc lady and senior were great balls. Once they changed from the mc they were not as good. If you have mid to low swing speed or tend to mis hit a lot the low compression balls should work well for you. They made the laddie because everyone complained about having to use a lady ball. The...
  7. obagain

    Tour Issue Cleveland set

    Here are some pics. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y159/obagain/tairon3.jpg http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y159/obagain/tairon2.jpg http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y159/obagain/TAiron.jpg
  8. obagain

    Tour Issue Cleveland set

    Yes. They are satin finish which of course were only available to tour players. They look almost identicle to the 588 irons that were produced in the mid 80's. I will have pics in the morning.
  9. obagain

    Tour Issue Cleveland set

    My camera was screwed up. I am bringing my camera home so I will have some pics tonight or tomorrow.
  10. obagain

    Tour Issue Cleveland set

    He wasn't with cleveland then. He changed after winning the major. He went to cleveland then to nike and back to hogan. He still plays hogan irons.
  11. obagain

    Tour Issue Cleveland set

    If you have followed any of my posted you would know the pros I see on a regular basis.:D He won a major in 96.
  12. obagain

    Tour Issue Cleveland set

    The lie is standard. The offset has been reduced. I will try and get pics in the morning.
  13. obagain

    Tour Issue Cleveland set

    I have a set of 2-pw cleveland tour action irons. These are softer steel and have been custom ground. The shafts have been pulled and heads cleaned so they are ready for you to put your shafts in. They have the players initials stamped in the hosel. If you ever wanted to see if you can really...
  14. obagain


    One of the least talked about parts of his game. He could spin the ball so much but have absolute control over it. He was amazing to watch.
  15. obagain

    Holiday specials.

    I still have a ton of clubs.