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Recent content by RC52

  1. RC52

    Value golf clubs?

    No, it was posted on another golf forum. They won't be released until late November per Jeff Summit who runs Hireko which owns Dynacraft.
  2. RC52

    Value golf clubs?

    Not sure if your down with "gunmetal" look but these are coming out in November from what aaron and jeff summit said. I'm not even in the market for irons, but these things are sweet. http://www.valuegolfclubs.com/productimages/prophetpeek.jpg...
  3. RC52

    Value golf clubs?

    I think the owner name is Aaron, but anyways he is a good guy and has reasonable prices. I wouldn't hesitate it order anything from him.
  4. RC52

    Bored, looking at irons

    Hireko is coming out with these sometime in November, in both LH & RH http://www.valuegolfclubs.com/productimages/prophetpeek.jpg http://www.valuegolfclubs.com/productimages/prophetpeek2.jpg
  5. RC52

    Big Break Disney-Trailer

    I'm rooting for Vincent, he's a local boy, and he set the course record at age 12 (which still stands) at Glendoveer G.C. which is his/my home course.
  6. RC52

    My personal best nine

    Thanks everyone!
  7. RC52

    My personal best nine

    Must have been the beautiful fall weather, 63f both days! No rain, no fog, and very little wind, better than some summer days on the Oregon coast. So anyways, I played a par 30 executive course, the longest hole being 343 yards. I shot a +2 (32) 3 chances at birdie putts within 10...
  8. RC52

    Recommendations for a Waterproof Jacket

    I live in the NW, known for its rain, and i'm sporting a new Columbia Titanium Omni-Tech that is fully seam sealed and has zipable vents in the pit area. Not cheap but extremely waterproof.
  9. RC52

    Need a 3wd shaft

  10. RC52

    4 wood -> better than 3?

    I have a similar story, so recently when i was approach with a trade for a nearly new CT250 5 & 7 wood in a straight across trade for two used maltby wedges. I gladly accepted, knowing that the driver was my gamer. So long story short, I hit the 5 wood for the first time on Friday and hit it a...
  11. RC52

    my putting stinks

    For me personally when i went to a heavier putter, i must have dropped 4 strokes a round. Not sure what you are using but if you like the head you could put a heavy shaft in it.
  12. RC52

    KE4 3 wood

    Your welcome, anything for a fellow ST'er
  13. RC52

    KE4 3 wood

    SUX, is selling one http://www.shottalk.com/forum/classifieds/26998-pre-bay-offerings-lots-stuff.html
  14. RC52

    Improved my ball striking a ton!

    Something that i've been working on is lifting my head up a bit at address. When i am not taking a divot i know my head sinks down, and throws my whole swing off.
  15. RC52

    New Irons-suggestions welcome!

    I really like my Bridgestone GC Mids, they aren't super shovel-like but they are quite forgiving and they have Nippon lightweight steel shafts. I got mine for $86 off ebay.