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Recent content by rob0225

  1. rob0225

    Rory's 3 iron in lake, ebay worth?

    If this were Tiger, how many people would have went on and on about how he was disrespecting the game and his lack of control.
  2. rob0225

    Dawn golf

    I played in a regular foursome with one being the course grounds keeper when I was at Ft. Knox. We were always the first off in the morning on Sat. and Sun. and at times with barely enough light to see the ball. Luckily the first hole was a Par 3 so wasn't too difficult.
  3. rob0225


    Does she have to stay face down 24 hours a day? I'm assuming she can get for a bit, no? Either way, that would suck.
  4. rob0225

    Playing the Royal St. George?

    For our UK based folks or those that have played the Royal St. George. I'm going on a business trip to UK next month and want to try and play the course but looking at the website visitors aren't allowed to make tee times in the weekend? I only have a Saturday is it possible to even play on a...
  5. rob0225

    Over the top

    I was having the same problem. One of the drills my course pro had me do was after I took my stance and setup to the ball to bring my right index finger over the front of the grip (kinda like holding a cigarette). He said that finger can influence the downswing and doing that takes it out of...
  6. rob0225

    Taylormade Wow

    I just picked up the SpeedBlades yesterday from 2008 Titleist AP1. Simulator in Dick's was saying I was hitting the 7 iron 165-175, about 10-20 yards more then what I normally hit the 7 iron. Looks like TM are around 2-3 degrees stronger then the AP1s. But I like the clubs.
  7. rob0225

    Secret grip

    Huh? How did what he said even remotely relate? What a stupid response. He means these: Secret Grip | Golf Accessories | Boccieri Golf
  8. rob0225

    Celebrity Golfers/Dennis Quaid?

    I believe Mark Wahlberg is a pretty good golfer as well.
  9. rob0225

    Guess I'm done with tournaments...

    I'm accomplishing not giving my money away to those who don't deserve it.
  10. rob0225

    Grip Poll

    I've always been an interlocking grip person (was taught when I first started playing as a kid) but tried the overlapping this week. Was a comfortable grip and didn't appear to cause any issues. Matter of fact I felt I struck the ball a bit better then normal. Will continue to use it in the...
  11. rob0225

    golf galaxy customer service?

    I have had the ClicGear 3.5 for about 3 months now. GREAT push cart! You will like it. I bought the seat, it's good for those days the course is slow. I also bought the GPS mount and wheel cover, both are useful accessories. Don't waste your money on the steering knob though, it's pretty...
  12. rob0225

    Guess I'm done with tournaments...

    That's a bad analogy. I can insure against car thieves. I can't insure against cheats except by not playing in the tournaments.
  13. rob0225

    golf galaxy customer service?

    Dicks Sporting Goods owns Golf Galaxy
  14. rob0225

    Guess I'm done with tournaments...

    If you don't believe there is cheating going on in these tournaments you are disillusioned. I've seen it personally on too many occasions. Especially those tournaments that have very nice prizes. I don't doubt if you put three scratch golfers together that you could get a low score, however...
  15. rob0225

    Guess I'm done with tournaments...

    I'm with the majority on here. I don't play scrambles anymore. They are filled with cheats, stacked teams and pencil scores. The best scramble I ever played was each team had 3 golfers with two teams randomly selected on each hole. Teams swapped scorecards, tracked and kept score of the...