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  • Hey bud,
    I did not graduate, in my third semester I got offered a solid assistant/teaching job and left the school and decided to start my PGA program. It is a good school if you really do not have a strong understanding of golf, the buisness, or teaching. The skills of the other kids are, well good in their own minds. Every one of them are usually the best players in their area but then come down here and see what real golf is, but dont be intimidated the instruction you get is top notch. It is a good program if you can keep your nose clean, alot of drinking, drugs, etc.. are rampant within young golf proffessionals. I would say if your a solid player (mid to low 70's), have been around the game and you are a self starter go ahead and just get yourself a golf job, pass the PAT and you'll get the same offers for jobs as you will with that degree. Any more questions go ahead and PM again.

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