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Recent content by sandwedge

  1. sandwedge

    The 2010 Masters coffee cup challenge

    Ernie Els Tiger Woods 6 Adam Scott Sean O'hair
  2. sandwedge

    PGA Championship / coffe cup challenge

    Phil Mickelson Steve Stricker Martin Kaymer 6 Hunter Mahan
  3. sandwedge

    The Open coffee cup challenge

    Padraig Harrington Lee Westwood 7 Anthony Kim Sergio Garcia
  4. sandwedge

    US Open coffee cup challenge

    Zach Johnson Phil Mickelson Geoff Oglivy Robert Allenby
  5. sandwedge

    Augusta National Better?

    I agree. I thought this was the best setup in a while. It was tough as usual but there were plenty of birdie opportunites out there.
  6. sandwedge

    the 2009 Masters coffee cup challenge

    Geoff Ogilvy Henrik Stenson Stewart Cink Padraig Harrington
  7. sandwedge

    Tiger vs. The Field 2009 Masters

    Yes really. My comment was the API is one of the stronger events. Not sure what your point is about the Shell next week.
  8. sandwedge

    Tiger vs. The Field 2009 Masters

    This tournament has one of the stronger non-major fields. It's not like he just won the John Deere Classic.
  9. sandwedge

    Absolute minimun number of clubs...

    Driver 5 hybrid 8 iron 56* wedge putter
  10. sandwedge

    eClark, ualtim, and I play Timacuan

    I'm glad you guys had a good time. I hate that I had to miss it. My 3 year old was up at 1:30 in the morning getting sick every 30 minutes until 11:30 in the morning. I will be sure to make the next outing.
  11. sandwedge

    I still can't play this game...

    Don't worry. I will make you look good when we play this weekend. I haven't played much lately but went to the range this past weekend and it was ugly. You should have no problem beating me.
  12. sandwedge

    Tony Romo

    I hope they keep the same team and coach that they currently have. As a Giants fan and someone that HATES the cowboys I totally enjoy watching them self implode year and and year out.
  13. sandwedge

    Does This Mean...

    Congrats Jeff. It is definitely going to change your life for the good.
  14. sandwedge

    What are you reading these days?

    I am currently reading 2 books. One is a novel called The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly. It is a legal thriller similar to John Grisham. So far it is very good. Amazon.com: The Brass Verdict: A Novel: Michael Connelly: Books The other book is The Reagan Diaries by Ronald Reagan. It is...
  15. sandwedge

    I really dislike tebo...

    I can't stand the guy either. I refer to him is either Teblow or Teabag. I don't care what anyone's beliefs are as long as you aren't pushing them on others. Teabag talks about his faith almost every time he opens his mouth. That to me gets a little old.